Saturday , June 19 2021

Challenges of the University Challenge, whose excellent vortex reaction has become a celebrity night

This is when a challenger of the Universal Challenge momentum jumps out of his seat.

Manchester United student Joe Hanson has become a nightlife tonight.

Hanson was a Manchester University team and took it to Hereford College-Oxford in the second round.

In one of the first questions of the show, Jeremy Paxman had astronomy bodies, dust, ammonium, ammonia and methane nuclei, according to Fred Whipple's 1950 American astronomer's hypothesis.

Hertford's page reacted first, but the sound of his campaigns Hanson jumped on the cover.

Joe Hanson reacts to surprise when the rumor goes

PhDs from drama and face facial theater with doctoral students have been viral.

Hanson, who is studying science-based scientific data, seemed to have fun, and also shared his clip on the "cool playing" message.

Before the show, he also tweeted the night and cruel punishments to the visitors.

Manchester University student Joe Hanson (at the bottom right), which appears at the University Challenge

But despite the nerves, Hanson's performance was a storm with fans of long-term quests.

A tweet: "When I was at the University Challenge, when I jumped into Hanson's rumor, I am waking up every morning, remembering that I was alive."

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Buzzer talked about "fear".

Other fans also made comparisons with Cambridg student Eric Monkman, after a group of 2016/17 series, they found popularity and featured numerous television shows and radio shows.

Joe Hanson is a doctoral degree in intensive data science

Manchester finally got an Oxford midfielder between 185 and 115 to make a comfortable quarter-final move.

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