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Crankstart Booker Award was nominated as a new sponsor in a five-year deal

The Booker Prize is sponsored by the Crankstart Solidarity Foundation, Sir Michael Moritz, in the Silicon Valley venture capital fund, in a five-year deal. But the Booker Prize has said that it will not be possible for the change of sponsor to make its decision controversial, to be awarded by the writers of the United States.

The Crankstart Assistance will begin on June 1 after receiving this year's international award, after being financed by Man Group after an 18-year collaboration. They will then be recognized as the Booker Prize and the International Booker Prize, instead of the new name of the supporters. Since the Booker Prize Foundation sought a new sponsor, sponsors know that the Man Group sponsor had ended in summer 2018, but Crankstart's link was a personal link with Mike Moritz. Harriet Heyman. "From the Crankstart debate, we have also done a lot of interrogation about the rights of protection in the Man Group's withdrawal, as well as the progress," said the Foundation.

Crankstart founded the Moritz venture capitalist and his wife Harriet Heyman in 2000, helping to "forgive, disapply, mislead, oppress, and help". At the University of Oxford, the University of Chicago, Julliard School and others have funded the low income student scholarships. Money was also sent to the United States of America for Civil Liberties and homeless projects at the San Francisco Bay.

Helena Kennedy, Chairman of the Booker Prizes Trust Foundation, said: "We have found encounters with wonderful filantrops called Crankstart Booker Awards, whereby our founder shares our vision and values. We want to develop library initiatives for generations across the globe and new audiences around the world.

"Thanks to Crankstart, we will continue to support the solidarity activities of the Booker Prize Foundation, among others, in collaboration with the National Literacy Office in jails, thanks to the RNIB for blind and partially-sighted readers and universities around the UK.

Moritz, born in Wales, is an Oxford graduate, ex-Hour journalist and Sequoia Capital's California investment business partner. He has written several books, including the creators of Apple and Steve Jobs Leader (Hodder & Stoughton) with Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. His philanthropy and business business won the KBE award at the Queen's 2013 one-year awards ceremony. Heyman is an American writer Life and New York Times a novel and a photo book.

Moritz said: "Nobody imagines a day where we do not have time to read a book. Booker Awards are popular, discoveries, pleasures and a great fiction spring, which is a global traveler, but a Briton-born Booker, and America. Before we arrived, we worked in English literature. Harriet and I'm happy to get the best fictions in world fiction ".

Crankstart will be able to renew its five-year support, without changing the £ 50,000 Booker Award.

Profile books m.d. Andrew Franklin, said the new sponsor, "it was a good news and they really did it cleverly." He said Bookstore: "I think it really is a small change, it does not stop books and literacy, that is, a good way to make a difference".

Franklin was one of publishers last year, booker claimed his decision to get the US writers to win the prize and to propose the Booker Award for the third time, but to enter Amercians. But he said he was not worried about the oppression of the US corporation.

Alexander Aitken, Alexander Clare, said: "I am, of course, happy, and I think that the industry should be very pleased. Our most important book is, in general, very important and now the future is safe. They've made it quick, so there's no doubt about Brexit.

He added: "There is no pressure to change the rules of non-business people. It's not related to sponsorship, and I think that now they will change even less."

Man Group publicly announced the sponsorship of the award in January, although the Booker Trustees met in the summer of 2018 and were looking for new funding since then. Men's involvement has been controversial in recent years and Sebastian Faulks calls it "the enemy". But the Foundation said Man Group had reported its decision before making Faulks' comment.

Today, there is no plan to change the rules approved by the book, even if it was included in the competition criticized by American authors, the Foundation added: "A sponsor or founders do not speak of rules. They have the right to access any nationality, their books written in English and published in the UK In spite of this, BPF continues to have an open dialogue with the participants, both of which are constantly evolving, and in the best books written in English or in English by readers, BPF works with Crankstart to develop ideas to reach new audiences around the world. . "

2018 Booker Winner Anna Burns & # 39; milkman (Faber). 2018 The Man Booker International Winner was Olga Tokarczuk Cheap flights (Fitzcarraldo), translated by Jennifer Croft.

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