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Diabetes type 2 disease is 7,000 less 25 years old in England and Wales

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There are 7,000 children and 25-year-olds who have 2 types of diabetes in England and Wales, 10 times older than Diabetes in the United Kingdom.

Most of the data found for analyzing data 2016-17 were being treated in GP practices rather than in specialized units.

The condition is related to obesity and is more aggressive for children.

Health health experts have said the government needs to act to curb childhood obesity today.

The Obesity Health Alliance said it was "a huge interest" to see the number of young people diagnosed with this type of diabetes.

"We know that obesity helps the development of serious and serious health conditions, and leaving three children with overweight or obese children, these findings are disturbing, but unfortunately it is not surprising," said Caroline Cerny, from the Alliance.

The new figures come from the new National Diabetes Inspection 2016-2017, in cases of type 95% of UK and Wales GP practices, and numbers treated in specialized pediatric units.

It is worth mentioning that 6,836 children and young people were treated under 25 years of age.

This includes:

  • 11 nine and nine years
  • 196 for ages 10 to 14
  • 1,246 for 15 to 19 year olds
  • 5,383 for 20 to 24 years old

But the previous article, according to the Pediatric and Children's Royal College, proposed with number 715. The number of children and youth who have received 2 types of diabetes with pediatric units in the Diabetes Unit in England and Wales.

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These units provide specialized support for young people.

Some may risk progressing rapidly, creating other health complications such as blindness, amputation, heart disease and kidney disease.

Doctors give advice and help with life, and many young people treat them first and foremost.

Family history and ethnic origin, as well as obesity, are factors for children and young people who develop diabetic type 2.

What is diabetes type 2?

  • Sugar (glucose) is a common condition that causes high blood pressure
  • It causes problems with a chemical called the Insulin (hormone)
  • Diabetes type 2 can create symptoms like excessive thirst, greatly tired
  • It can also increase the risk of serious problems with the eyes, heart and nerves
  • It is a constant condition that can affect diet, medicine and conventional analysis

Bridget Turner, Director of Diabetes UK policies and campaigns, said: "Diabetes type 2 can be destructive to children and young people.

"We need to promote healthy life, to understand clearly the nutritional information about the products we buy, and to protect babies with fats, fats and sugars."

Children and young people should have 2 types of specialist treatments for qualified healthcare professionals.

& # 39; Lifestyle Changes & # 39;

Prof. Russell Viner, President of the Pediatric and Children's Health College, said that these new images emphasize the need to act.

"For many children, the development of two types of diabetes is avoiding lifestyle changes, but this is not easy, they need help.

"That's why we are pleased with the ambitious proposals proposed in the two chapters of the Childhood Obesity Plan, which prompts us to maximize its impact by introducing and rapidly introducing them."

According to the Spokesman of the Department of Health and Social Affairs, the commitment to reduce childhood obesity until the 2030s.

"We will launch inquiries to reduce promotions in food and sugar and advertising bans.

"The next NHS long-term plan will be based on prevention and based on our work to keep people healthy and healthy."

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