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Director and composer André Previn 89 | Music

Director André Previn and the composer died at the age of 89. The German musician was an extraordinary and versatile talent, blurring the boundaries between jazz, pop, cinema and classical music.

Many Britain, however, will know Andrew Preview's "Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special 1971" plays, Eric Morecambe acted as solo soloist at Grieg's Piano Concert.

Previn was born in Berlin in 1929, but his family fled to the Nazi Germany in the United States and became an American in 1943. He grew up in Los Angeles and began writing film teens in teens and worked as a jazz pianist, along with Ella Fitzgerald. In the early 1950s, the military did lessons with Pierre Monteux, and at the age of 32 he left for a classical career in Hollywood. "In MGM, if you knew what to do next year, if you knew that you were paid. But I was too much a musician. I wanted to go to any talent I wanted," said a Guardian interviewer in 2008.

In 1967, Previn succeeded Sir John Barbirolli as director of the Houston Symphony Orchestra. The next year, he was appointed as CEO of the London Symphony Orchestra in 11 years.

In London, he opened the orchestra with television series such as BBC's weekly weekly, André Previn's Music Night, Tuesday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, Saturday nights in the mid-70s. More people watched more than 65 concerts per day in Music Night, and they and the orchestra each year posted an average of 14 albums.

She had a close relationship with her orchestra during her life. He was Director in 1992 and became a Director Emeritus in 2016 and finally in London in 2015.

Andrew Marriner, the main clarinet and constant LSO, said today: "I was very fond of André's music, and I liked to play with him, but when I did it, he was an extraordinary soundtrack to the orchestra, fascinated by Strauss, Walton, Rachmaninov and much more, they began to develop a profound collaboration: Mozart's concerts and chamber music were divine, compositions that were fabulously worked out. It was never shameful, it could be a wicked mood, always ridiculous. "

Between 1976-84, he was director of the Previn Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and, from 1985 to 1988, the Director General of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The director of music at the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra was rescinded at the end of the 80's, resigned when he disagreed with his subsequent appointment. In recent years, he has been the music director of Oslo Philharmonic (from 2002 to 2006) and in 2009 he was nominated as the Guest Director of the NHK National Symphony Orchestra.

His first opera, A Streetcar Named Desire, was released in 1998 with San Francisco Opera, with Renée Fleming Blanche DuBois, and also wrote music, orchestra and chamber music and several concerts and continued in Hollywood. scoring writer and host. He was nominated for an Oscar for 11 times, winning four: Lenner and Loewe's best musician Gigi and Gershwin Porgy and Bess, and the other (adaptation or treatment) Irma la Douce comedy directed by Billy Wilder and then George Cukor Lerner and Loewe's fascinating version of My Fair Lady. Paint Your Wagon also wrote a film based on another Lerner and Loewe music.

Mia Farrow

You will see Morning Beloved Friend. Believe that you can rest happily

February 28, 2019

His personal life – five times he got married – also made him a public figure. One of his spouses Mia Farrow was an actress and entrepreneur, with whom he had three biological children. In addition, three others, including Soon-Yi, married Woody Allen, the pair of Farrow, along with Previn. His fifth marriage, the violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, was set to last for four years, but they remained both.

In a 80-year-old interview, he was asked whether he or she did not regret it. "Private, yes," he said. "I have had very bad opportunities in my private life, but as a professional, not really."

"I do not," he added, "I will take it seriously.

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