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Doctors join wombats in shrinking bricks to help their parents relax on Lego's children • Register


One week ago we only considered the efforts of Boffins, how Wombats would decorate Oxo Cubes with beautiful spots. Nowadays, our marginal limbs seem to be a great health community company, and their members have directed and directed Lego pieces.

Why? Well, let's be beneficial and describe parents as a neurotic set. Of course, Junior's thoughts that swallowed a foreign object feel awake at night and how unlucky it is the origin of the pieces that will be sculpted so much for children's toys.

Common Wombat in Tasmanian landscape

Wombats literally sh! T bricks – and now the boffins know how they know each other


Fear, an attempt to eradicate a group of doctors in the United Kingdom and Australia, has done a lot of work in the greatest security of all the coins, and has been responsible for Lego's illness.

"Six pediatric health professionals began to talk about Lego," abstract reading. "The previous gastrointestinal surgery tried to seek out foreign objects with the smell and faecal, the exclusion criteria."

Fair enough, but what's this? Science, make-up and blinking? Nervous!

"Insulin prevention was standardized according to the standardization and disorder (SHAT) score, and the participants took Lego's head and found the time found in the stool of the participants. The main result was found and retrieved the score of Time (FART)."

It's a backronyming bench worth the seat Reg at the bottom desk. Chrimbo edition Pediatrics and Child Health Magazine, published in the research, traditionally includes goof-based research.

"The FART score was an average of 1.71 days. They proved evidence that they can do more than their own in their chairs, but this could not be statistically validated."

Good pain. Fortunately, the UK national newspaper Graun was the hand of quotes about "serious" sciences. "I can not remember whether it was pre or post-breakfast," writes writer Grace Leo on paper. "But we insert all of our lemons from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., in our time zone, with drinking water.

"Most people passed after three or three chairs, but for the poor [researcher Damien Roland]He did not find it, so we tried to look every two weeks. I went on for the first time in the stove and was very relaxed. "

Participants did not have their snacks plastic negative side effects, but the experiment "did not try this at home" was a sticker. There are three, of course.

The report acknowledged that the child's digestive systems reacted differently, but "there was little proof of evidence."

The authors added: "If this is the case, the passage of the object may be more likely to be no longer in the gut".

To conclude, Leo said: "Fortunately, there are more interviewing and awareness in foreign institutions, and it is a quiet place for parents, for small foreign organizations, they are not recommended to look for stools.

"If Lego is a small head, you do not need to go through the stool, it should weaken your parents unless Lego loves the head."

Thanks to the doctors, they made it very easy. Lego is a small head, with rounded corners, smooth and easy to walk. They swallowed standard boulders and four nodules? Do they have f *% k – would they probably die?

Lego's risks are well documented. Everyone knows that buggers have only one barefoot pain over childbirth. Registration It has created a formula for measuring mine level. Presentation of BASTARD: equipped with brick anchors x Time / approval – resistance Oh!. Please release your tortured and profane scores to help make this noble work comment on the system. ®


Oh yeah, and for you, "The Guardian", Registration Call and we want our head back.

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