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E-cigarettes are much better left to quit smoking & # 39;

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The e-cigarette replaces nicotine reactions almost twice as many as almost all smokers quit, a study suggests.

The court found that 18% of the smokers who continued to maintain their smoke remained within a year, compared to 9.9% of those who use nicotine replacement treatments.

The 886 smoker's first study is to avoid the effectiveness of modern e-cigarettes.

Researchers believe that the discovery is an indivisible device that will provide the smoking cessation service.

Public Health England has already called for e-cigarettes to be put into the hands of the NHS within a five-year period, according to a survey that suggests at least 95% of those more damaging than cigarettes.

However, so far, there was no evidence to scan for high-efficiency stop-smoking tools.

Peter Hajek, the main researcher at Queen Mary University in London, said: "Many smokers have complained about smoking successfully with e-cigarettes, because healthcare professionals were reluctant, because they recommend using their random tests from randomized trials.

"This is likely to change."

& # 39; Accelerate & # 39; smoking cessation

Participants in the trial, who were dependent on smoking and were not pre-empted, went to the NHS stopping service and randomly divided into two groups:

  • Those who received the nicotine replacement treatment, including dog, patches, sleepers, sprays and inhalers, or combination of treatments, up to three months
  • Those who have obtained the initial e-cigar package have one or two bottles of e-liquid (two and four-week supplies)

E-cigarettes were given future supplies to purchase their own selection of strengths and flavors, and all participants received sudden behavior support for at least four weeks.

The research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the highest rates of quitting smoking were reduced by at least 50% of e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes were more satisfying and nicotine replacement was more helpful.

The proportion of those who use the body is greater in the mouth and throat irritation (65% and 51%), but the use of nicotine replacement treatments is more likely to cause nausea (38% and 31%). These effects were mostly mild.

Prof. Hajek said that the results of the study offered services to stop smoking, they provided the package of e-cigarette launcher and advice, after which they could afford to pay for their supplies.

"This ultimately reduces smoking cessation and smoking-related illnesses," said Dunja Przulj, author of the research, at the Queen Mary University in London.

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The examination has some limitations.

In fact, people knew that they had received treatment, just like in most of the controlled acceleration trials of "blinded", it was possible that the participants had less chance of leaving nicotine suppositories and less chance, the authors said.

They also said that more work was needed to determine whether their results were applied to countries outside of the United Kingdom and depend on their smokers.

According to the research, e-cigarettes after an independent evaluation of e-cigarettes, published in the Public Health Environment published last February, were said to be "a great deal of evidence," much safer than smoking and "a small risk to foreigners".

However, some experts said e-cigarettes, safer than ordinary cigars are not harmful, and long-term effects are still unknown.

In response to this latest study, Public Health England has said: "Stop-smoking services want to complain to smokers constantly with the help of an e-cigar".

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