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Electronic gaming: Work raises boundaries

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Many players on the Internet would have access to online connectivity and cross border limits, if it is Power of Work, it has been ordered by the shadow cultural secretary.

Tom Watson said the rules of the "hidden British epidemic" would make it difficult for current laws to be "an age-wager".

Work plans also have a speed limit on the game.

The government has consistently said that it is reviewing the rules, and "it does not hesitate to act when it comes to".

In London's Public Policy Police's speech, Thursday's Labor MPs, in the case of young people who are addicted to youngsters, will lose £ 210,000, a brain injury will occur.

According to the gaming committee that regulates the industry, Britain's fair is the world's largest regulated market, generating £ 4.7bn in companies and is expected to grow.

The commission does not make any bets, rewards or reductions in game speed.

From now on, Watson said the problem game should be treated as "public health emergency".

"Because online gambling is highly regulated for gambling, the absence of game controls is a result of the loss of weak consumers," he said.

Online companies said "they have the responsibility to make bets that they can not protect against their customers, but often these operators have disregarded their customers' attention or have slowed down their care.

"We need to see the culture of frontiers that have been accessed in the Internet: the threshold of the threshold in the passage, the game and the speed … to protect consumers".

According to the plans, Lanak would also create a new category in the current legislation, making the 2005 Game Bets, specifically for bets.

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Arazoren game should be treated as a "public health emergency", as Lan Tom Watson says

And Mr Watson initiated a query to collect information about game and video games.

Loot boxes, which have virtual items that can be used on cash, will be covered in the review.

A spokesman for the Remote Games Association said: "We need to move faster to solve the problem, based on effective regulation, based on innovation, evidence and customer data, and committed to work with government and opposition for this purpose."

Players' spending limits were proposed in the revision of the Gaming Commission in March last year.

The Commission said it would check the boundaries, which would only improve in theory, such as paying players, for example.

The review said online companies have a lot of data for players that can use players to identify problems, the progress of the online industry "has been expected and has been sharply enough".

& # 39; Strong Futures & # 39;

Earlier this month, the commission announced that online gaming companies should set new customer verification standards to eliminate customers' winnings.

Generally speaking, spokesman for the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports spokesman said they were "seriously backed by" "major people."

"There is a strong demand for all players to cope with and avoid blockage. All operators want to work in the UK market, they must comply with these rules.

"We will continue to regulate the decisions continuously and do not hesitate to play it. The Gambling Commission has a series of powers for offline and online gambling, and we expect no compromise with any company that breaks down the rules."

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