Thursday , August 11 2022

Elon Musk's Mars Plan brings a "good chance" of death


Elon Musk thinks he is moving to Mars, although he acknowledges that the courage is "a good choice for death."

Billion employs a 70% probability that his Space X rockets will go to plans.

It can also be a permanent movement. "We think we can go back, but we are not sure," one SpaceX co-founder told Axias TV program Axios.

"I know exactly what to do. I'm doing where I'm moving."

Musk, 47, allegedly commercial flights will travel to Mars within seven years and cost around £ 200,000.

When he was given wealth to solve the problems of the Earth, he said: "The probability of death in Mars is much higher than the Earth, it will be tough. The good chance of death is a bit too deep in space.

"[There’s] no recreation time And after all this, the environment is very hard. So … there's a good chance to go there. We believe that you can return, but we are not sure.

"Now, how rich people are like a sound that escapes?"


Death, meh

Why he was asked to give him a unique opportunity to survive, he added: "There are many people on the mountain, Everest is always dying in the mountains.

"They want to do the challenge"

Musk may have other reasons to leave the ground, asking two separate cases today.

A British firefighter rescued by a young British footballer who is trapped in a cave in Thailand claims he has claimed "paedo" 22.5 million tweet followers after criticizing a television interview.

And the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the United States agency for stock markets and investments, began the Musk campaign in September, due to the "false and misleading" statements on Twitter.

Meanwhile About Mars is the first Cape Boot designed by NASA to study the depth of the planet on Monday after a six-month trip.

Traveling about 301 million km (548 km), from Earth to Martiara InSight The spacecraft reached its destination at Red Planet's dusty surface area at around 8pm in the UK.

The Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) mission control team is close to Los Angeles for the final adjustment InSightOn Sunday, when crossing the flight path, closer to the spacecraft will approach Mars's entry point.

If the plan foresees, InSight In March, a pink line of sky will appear almost 24 hours later 12,000 kilometers per hour (19,310 kilometers per hour). The friction, atmospheric friction, lace and retro rocket that goes down to the surface of the 77 mile surface will slow down.

6-1 / 2 minutes later, starts at 5 mph (8 km / h).

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