Sunday , February 5 2023

Embraer's Great White Shark plane is epic inside and out including no middle seats


It sounds like something out of a scene in Sharknado, but aviation enthusiasts have been keeping their eyes on the skies in the hope of spotting Great White Shark!

In fact it's Embraer's epic new E190-E2 aircraft, nicknamed the Profit Hunter, which has been catching their attention as it tours the world and shows off its quirky livery painted to look like a ferocious shark.

But it's not just fans of plans with who it's a hit.

As well as the epic livery, there's another treat in store for passengers inside; the seats are in a two-by-two formation.

That means NO uncomfortable middle seat that you have to squeeze into. No need to fight for personal space, no need to awkwardly climb over someone if you need to get up.

In fact, Embraer says inside there will be more space and plenty of legroom, as well as more overhead locker space in which passengers can store their bags.

A shot of the E190-E2 passenger aircraft

The E190-E2 came into service in April and the fleet test has been flying around the world, with plane-spotters sharing pictures on social media whenever they caught a glimpse of it on the runway.

It looks really cool

The first of Embraer's new E-Jets E2s, the other two planes will also boast pretty eye-catching liveries, boasting eagle and tiger themed motifs.

There's more to the aircraft than just its livery though; There appear to be plenty of benefits for airlines considering adding E190-E2s to their fleets.

The front of the plane is striking

For a start, the aircraft burns up to 17.3 percent less fuel, not to mention it's a lot quieter compared to other aircraft.

Due to its size and design, it can also bring up to 25% reductions on maintenance costs, not to mention that Embraer says pilots will require less training to master command of the plane.

The Profit Hunter arrives in China

The brand new aircraft has already been causing quite the stir on visits across Asia, Europe and Africa.

There are good news for those who want to see it for themselves, as it's coming to Ireland, with a stop in Dublin airport as part of the final leg of its tour.

The best part is that there are plenty of cheap hotels in Dublin, as well as a plethora of things to see and do – so if you are keen, you could even make a weekend out of it!

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