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Frankie and Benny become the chain of family restaurants in the UK to prohibit mobile phones

Frankie and Benny's first family restaurant in the UK is setting up a mobile phone ban.

After the decision of the Italian and American chain came into being, 72% of parents would prefer their parents to spend less time on their phones, while another 70 percent said they had spent more time than their parents.

When entering the restaurant, the "table mobile phone" table on your phone should be asked to store seats on your phone for the duration of the food.

The initiative consists of a restaurant called "No Phone Campaign," which passes the family time, spending no smartphone rumors and running from December 29 to December 7.

After that period, the ban will be affirmative, a spokesman for Frankie and Benny said Independent This judgment will depend on the success, since the customer's reactions will be judged.

On Thursday, the campaign will be able to campaign and will offer children's meals as an incentive.

"Our staff is actively encouraging customers and families involved in a campaign, but of course we can not deliver their phones," the spokesman explained.

"If the initiative is successful, we are looking for new ways to actively persist".

When the campaign approached people, they encouraged people to have dinner at the table.

"The families we have found allow them to share with their devices for a couple of hours, so that they can get closer to the family and make them the right way," says the restaurant's statement.

Susan Atkins, an expert parent, helps her eat away from the competition to support family growth.

"I'm glad that Frankie and Benny save the way on the table to prohibit screens," he says.

"We live in a fast-paced, fast-paced, 24/7 digitally-connected world, if we do not have to consciously plan ourselves, families sit together, eat, and talk, apart from the screen."

Atkins reduces the amount of time spent on mobile phones when parents show their children an example, "when technology is in use and when".

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