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"GBP Pressure Expired," Macron's comments may be Galvanized May's Brexit Dea Opposition;


Macron EU Council

If the French president does not respond to the British petition for threats to a British customs force in the United Kingdom, he will face the deal with Theresa May's Breitth. Image (C) European Union.

– EU leaders have signed up at Brexit's agreement

– Macron's comments may face May's work to make it harder

– Pound-to-Euro rate @ 1,1296, Pound-to-Dollar rate @ 1,2819

Sterling has risen sharply at the start of the week, when markets shattered news of the weekend, when the EU signed a Brethgan deal with the United Kingdom and the European Commission after months of negotiation agreed.

However, according to forecasts, profits would soon cease to face the challenges behind the United Kingdom division: the deal is difficult to pass in the UK parliament in today's form and the months of uncertainty are still confronted.

We see little chance of sustainable recovery until light is generated.

"GBP pressure would last and volatility will continue this week," says Joseph Capurso, strategist Australian Commonwealth Bank. "The next major obstacle is to obtain a Breitek agreement approved by the United Kingdom House, to accept a vote on the 10th of December. However, it seems to be the UK's Prime Minister, Theresa May is trying to overthrow Britain's agreement.

To face it and to sell it even harder, as French President Emmanuel Macron says, it is very sensible, he said that France would use a threat to retain customs in the United Kingdom in the United Kingdom as the UK's fishermen's oil requirements in UK waters.

"We have a competitive competition that matches the fish and the EU's autonomous regulation, as it is part of future talks," said Macron's EU leaders in Brussels.

The Lehendakari claims that there was no progress in commerce, a plan of protection for the border frontier in Ireland would have to be established, including a common unity throughout the United Kingdom.

"It is our interest because it is a future relationship. I can not imagine Theresa Mayen or his supporters to have a long-term desire to be in the customs office, but (instead) to define the future relationship that will solve this problem," says Macron.

This shows that individual states can use the threat of violence to conquer individual UK dealerships.

Spain hopes to increase control over Gibraltar and the UK has a strong position in the second round of negotiations.

This is where the Brexit deal really goes to the UK Parliament.

The reason is that the deal will not happen with Macron's comments.

However, the prime minister has managed to break the comments of Macron, which sold "face to face" to the parliament.

"It will not happen," says Theresa May, in Macron's comments, at the Komite House, on the evening of November 26.

On the other hand, he expects that the stability of the MPs hopes to vote for the May agreement to avoid "hard". Brexit is finding it increasingly difficult to create a "third way" in the European Union in the European Union.

However, the vote in the European Union & # 39; City & # 39; The route called is quite difficult at this time and we have an extension of article 50. The total withdrawal process is frozen. Probably the result.

3% Gain or 3% Fall

As CBA said, the work hypothesis is the Commons Chamber, however, when the Breit invoice is due on December 10 (or when it is voted).

Commons-logo.svg Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Brexit. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Brexit

"But if the Commons House does not exceed Breiti's bill, we expect that GBP will decrease by at least 3%," says Capurso.

The Pound-to-Euro exchange rate is quoted in 1.1295 in the interbank market, in the middle of the long term and in constant Brexit uncertainty.

Those who intend to make international payments must pay tribute to the rate of high street banks in the 1.10-1.1090 region. Independent Foreign Exchange Provider Rate in 1,1180-1,125.

Those who plan to make payments advise specialists to speak freelance, both secured for competitiveness, as well as for significantly larger currencies, and in the coming weeks to protect against sterling potentially harmful ones.

The Pound-to-Dollar exchange rate is 1,2822 in the interbank markets in 1,2470-1,2563. Independent suppliers offer rates on 1.27-1.2730 media.

The Prime Minister will sell his business to the country, he argued that people want to move ahead and face the deal with more uncertainties.

It's hard to say whether Pound's value reflects whether or not he'll see May succeed or not, and whether or not the months of uncertainty remain.

In any case, Sterling is remarkably stable in the short term, although we have had headlines and some analysts, we have actually seen more from a family that is maintained in the coming days. "We suspect that markets continue to suffer from fatal fatigue, the GBP can be limited to a certain amount of 0.87 / 0.91," says a note TD Values.

"GBPUSD has to be detained until Parliament's arithmetic becomes clearer, until the first vote can not be reached, Theresa May will be hard to achieve, although in the next elections, a new election is still likely, the political uncertainty in the United Kingdom is considered to be true, In the period when the sterling statue remains, "says analyst Neil Wilson.

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