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Give him a fast and flexible sign of Tottenham's mental strength. | Football

WWhen we talk about the nerves, we often describe the characteristics of the metal. They are made of steel, of course, and when things do not go well, they wear some keyboards or piano piano wire. But what would happen if actual emotional endurance was less and less similar to metal, for example, with the cake? What if the brains of the pressures continued to be flexible, supple and slightly gentle?

Spurs had to take 10 minutes outside of Europe, and they could do it for two weeks in Camp Nourera. Thanks to Christian Eriksen's goal – Moussa Sissoko's coach, Dele Alli's finisher and home rider, Spurs still survives in the Champions League. To win this game, they showed the nerves of the cake.

OK, so the image may need some work. But the characteristics are appropriate. Spurs does not connect to so much a plan, but to a set of beliefs. Both tactics and staff needed to be cut and changed. Try to find the way to try again. They had to overtake an opponent who was reversed, but when the game was over, they faced up against Spurs' backspace. But this time it was never reached because Spurs made a horrible nervousness (perhaps while kneeling).

Tottenham's belief, of course, commits hard work and physical commitment. Harry Kane made it clear from the kick-off to the ball and passed the Inter zone, until Danilo D & Ambrosio's shots were cut. The pre-set tone was attended by all Spurs XI, amongst others, especially smaller members of the group. As Harry Winks and Lucas Moura seemed to think they did not spend their shoulders on their shoulders.

Spurs are, in general, a great bunch of boys, and therefore the Premier League is a special threat. The mixture physically consists of a large part of his game, and perhaps Manchester United's Fellaini timeout. When they make the best of Spurs, it's a wonderful playground; good football, effective expansion of physical weight.

Mental strength is essential for Mauricio Pochettino's men and their more general football soccer. Sometimes the misfortunes seem to be the necessary quality, which Spurs believes is true, that they can not take them out and bring them to them. But this is not explained why the players have always been very important under Pochettino (if it is just the last example of Sisi). Believed and absorbed the instruction on their return.

So, in a game like that, in the last quarter of the game, Spurs did not dress. They knew what they should do, though they did not decide. Of course, he helped to add Eriksen and Son Heung mines to the bank. They were surprised to see alternate spare pairs of these important games. Pochettino will play it every three days for the next fifteen days and everyone will have to rest. But at the same time, players have to have tactical advantages as well as acting.

Son broke off with his first engagement, as Eriksen did with the first touch. But the players did not propose any changes. The game was taken from the center of the center, and one-eyed hunted and eager around the box but never gave up. It did not force anything. The team relaxed.

Kane is the symbol of Tottenham, but perhaps Alli reflects his mental quality. He plays a tactical and physical commitment with constant intensity and a strong commitment (he has played at least three places here). But it is also a matter of sports. These moments are possible only if they are supremely calm.

Eriksen's goal was a fall and a shot, with enough time for the ball and enough time to get his teammate to score the best. Everything that remains loose and flexible continues in the fastest pressure, and this is not only in this group. These features will surely serve Spurs in the long run, even if Messi et al forecasts do not take place the next month. Dye is dyed

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