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Harry Leslie Smith obituary | Books

Unless necessary were ever too late, Harry Leslie Smithe was probably dead at age 95. At the age of 91, Harry's last Stand (2014), which sold the memoirs and controversies of the welfare state, was published after the left and beyond in Britain.

After the publication of the book, they were invited to a speech before the secretary of the secretary of the court of Andy Burnham. The cuts to advantage and the passionate accusation of austerity, including "Mr Cameron, keep your nails in my NHS" line – reduced delegates tears and new headlines.

Harry became a regular magazine in the newspapers to talk about British and Canadian events and a prominent British Labor party champion. When it was built in the 2015 general elections, it issued a political party to the party at the NHS Career and campaigned for participation throughout the campaign.

After the victorious period, Harry Jeremy Corby's work leadership has been approved, said "it is my courage to be a decent and meaningful opportunity to be a daring opportunity for my grandchildren".

Harry became one of the main stars of British politics. For many years, it sent over 80,000 tweets and more than a million followers. His tweet was a lot of subjects: fighting austerity and privatization, opposing Western military interventions and challenging challenges and fascism. Increasing attention was given to the rise of xenophobia, which praised the popularity of Nigel Farage and Donald Trumpen, as well as the rise of friendship fascism.

Harry Leslie Smith served on RAF in the second world war

Harry Leslie Smith served on RAF in the second world war

Remain campaigned for a referendum campaign in Europe for 2016, arguing Tory austerity than EU migrants With regard to British social issues. On the eve of the vote, he warned that "today's rehearsals and tribulations have led to more than 70-year-old Brits as much as my generations and victories."

Taking his own experiences of war, he took refuge in the refugee camp and visited the Calais refugee camp. "I'll see it before camps like Jungle – at the end of the war," he said. "But then ordinary citizens and their leaders have made an effort to alleviate the situation of refugees. Today it is different."

He became the conscience of the British work of Harry later on with the first experience of his life.

Barnsley, South Yorkshire was born in a weakened family, at three years old Harry's eldest sister, Marion, died of tuberculosis in the laboratory. His families were poor to pay for a funeral and buried him in a tomb without a sign of the deceased. Childhood was marked by hunger and misfortune.

He was forced to go to Bradford and Halifax, due to the difficulty, his father, Albert, mined by mining, was seriously injured in a mining accident. Her mother, Lillian (nee Dean), left another husband, when she escaped violent violence against alcohol: Harry reminded him that he could jump on his back.

Harry's Last Stand was released in 2014.

Harry's Last Stand was released in 2014. Photo: Jonny White / Alamy

Harry worked as a barrowboy to help his family feed. During the war it fell again, it was the 16-year-old director of a grocery store in Halifax. In 1941, he signed as a wireless operator Royal Air Force, and joined the British armed forces in Belgium, the Netherlands, and finally Germany. Seeing the ruins of Hamburg was healthy: "the amazing death was disbelief," he recalled.

In Hamburg he met his wife, Friede (nee Edelmann), while bartering was eating. The British soldier was forbidden to leave public or coexistence with German women: he would leave behind a couple of steps to stop the military police from halting them. Even though the House of Parliament was banned from the death of the enemy in 1946, the stigma and the obstacles remained, and they took more than one year before marrying in a German church.

While trying to demolish millions of soldiers, Harry recalled retirement "dance and drinking": he won a victory at the Labor Party Party in Clement Attlee in 1945, inspired by commitments, creating a national health service and building decent and affordable housing. Service completed in 1948, Harry returned to Yorkshire. However, the Great Britain post-war era was not an easy place for him and his wife for the Germans. In 1953 he emigrated to Canada, in Toronto and later in Harwood, Ontario. The rug worked on the oriental rug, because it helped to design and sell rugs and was in charge of sending Friede.

After Friede's cancer died in 1999, Harry turned his back on the whole of Europe, who was known during the war. His younger son, Peter, with schizophrenia, a decade later died of idiopathic lung fibrosis. Harry began writing, and published his first four books, all souvenirs, one of which was published between Ruins of Love 2015, but it was Harry's last post.

In the last 20 years Harry has distributed time between the United Kingdom and Canada. After his death in Canada, he was aided and solidary on both sides of the Atlantic.

His sons, Michael and John, and their two grandchildren live.

Harry Leslie Smith, writer and entrepreneur, was born on February 25, 1923; He died on November 28, 2018

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