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In Rivian it will be the "electric adventure vehicle"

If you do not think 911, the star of the LA moto show has probably been in Rivian. In a bit of blue, the electric vehicle company has prepared two-device production cars.

The R1S five-seater SUV and R1T five seats are 0-60mph in 3.0sec, a range of 400km and 3-degree autonomy around £ 50,000 in the United States.

But we should not be too surprised. The company has been in for almost a decade and has former McLaren on the board. "The company began nine years ago, and electric vehicles have been paying attention for seven years," says Ken Scott Scene in Rivian. "This is the momentum of the electrical EV system."

In fact, R1S and R1T have a capacity of 10,325lb. They face Ft's summits, nine of Bugatti Chirons. The company keeps quiet over the past seven years, finding a real gap in the market, and keeping its cards at the teller until the art cars were ready.

Models in the LA section are described according to standard production "99 per cent", although cars can not reach their customers by 2020. The order books are now open, with subsidies starting at $ 69 million. About £ 53,000) and Amestoy $ 72,500 (around £ 57,000).

Other markets will continue, and the United Kingdom, where Rivian recently opened its advanced engineering engine as McLaren and Lotus man Mark Vinnels as the former director. Shuman says that Rivian will also buy it.

"Two groups make up our heart: a modern explorer to take a comet boarding, climbing and kayaking, passing such free time, and then having an active family, we'll be throwing muddy babies in our football club, but they will also be guided by Lake Tahoe weekend.

"Everything is always an electric adventure vehicle, we do not have a sedan, we want to get dirty people, but they will come in different price points and levels, we are doing it ourselves. We plan to sell tens of cars, not thousands of them. are the first two. "

Yes, it means that Rivian will be smaller and cheaper cars. What an exciting potential could be if United Kingdom's prices reflect the U.S.

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