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In the first year, a man arrested by a police officer was arrested in Granada

A man from Wigan has been imprisoned for an official police attack.

Daniel Hilton, 27, Hawthorne Grove was imprisoned for three months at the Manchester Magistrates Court, under a new law.

As a result, Hilton snapped his mouth around the police policeman's thigh and snapped his teeth in response to a man's report with a knife.

PC – A thirty man – was an address at Leigh on Saturday afternoon at around 12.15 (November 24, 2018) and finally he was able to get Hilton's safety by using Taser and leggings.

Legislation – Emergency Workers (Eraso) Assaults Bill bargaining can be doubled by time of bullying in the public sector.

When executing the legislation, the Judges will take into account that an emergency emergency worker has been opposed. In advance, those who commit crimes have been sentenced to six months' imprisonment, it may take a year now.

The Assistant Chief Constable, Annette Anderson, said:

Emergency service partners help protect others and there is no incident.

When you're trying to do your job, you must be assaulted that no one is confronted with it, but it is directed towards one another while others are coming for salvation.

In any case, 999 calls for the use of violence that respond to us will be strengthened and is in our hands, with the new law that protects sponsors protection protection.

– Assistant: Annette Anderson

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