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Kellogg's "& # 39; tagged

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Kellogg's "light traffic" label is one of the most sold cereal packets in the UK since January, and that's why it has not done so.

The voluntary scheme of the United Kingdom Government, in 2013, contains the amount of salts, sugars or fat foods.

Kellogg said he had "changed" to "consumers, governments, and traders".

What is the consumer organization? said that it was a "positive movement", but not all of them were to be applied to all cereals.

The "Traffic" system places green, amber or red foods so that consumers can easily identify low, medium or high-grade salts, fats and sugars.

The new label of Kellogg will be included in the brand Coco Pops, Crunchy Nut, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Frosties and Special K, January 2019.

"People who buy our food have told us that, in our opinion, we decided to renew our cereals in the United Kingdom last January, as we decided to do so again," said Kellogg in a statement.

Kellogg's UK director, Oli Morton, said the decision was followed by a survey conducted by the British authorities in 2000 asking for attitudes about labeling.

Mr. Morton said: "We simply need to change and we have to go for a full-color solution to make healthy decisions. We have heard and are now operating."

& # 39; Chaos & # 39;

However, labeling in "traffic" will not be used in Kellogg multilingual boxes, in many European countries, where the system will be unknown, or in single-server packages.

As a result, less than 80% of the Kellogg cereal packs sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland will be new labels.

So far, Kellogg has called the "Entry entry" labeling scheme, displayed in packets in simple colored pads. Most calories and nutrients show that people must eat one day.

Now, however, he said: "The changes have changed, changing the encoding of color coding to consumer and government wanting us in the UK."

Many supermarkets voluntarily accepted the "traffic" system to get their own brand, competitors cereal manufacturer Nestle presented the "Circulatory light" scheme in 2016 including the Shreddies and Cheerios cereal brand. Weetabix has been using it since 2016.

This year, what? The food labeling standard that the government leaves the UK UK has called for to solve "chaos".

& # 39; Look at & # 39;

According to EU regulations, "traffic" labeling is voluntary, so some manufacturers do not use it.

Which one? he said it would be compulsory.

Strategic Advisory Consultant Sue Davies said the body had "at a glance" circulatory light nutrition system, how much sugar, salt, and fat product they can effectively contribute to healthier foods. "

"While the Kellogg movement is very positive, all trademarks sold in UK and Ireland should be applied, not just 80%.

"The government should now use Breia's legislation as part of an approach based on high-quality food compulsory labeling of traffic rules and promoting the health and well-being of nations," Davies added.

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