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Knife crime: Suspected social media may be banned

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Multimedia noticeSajid Javid says Asbo-style orders would give police more powers to avoid knife crime

The power of controlling suspects was thought to be entering governments, in order to reduce violence growth.

Knife Crime Prevention Orders would impose penalties, including mixtures to solve problems in the social media.

Orders would be tied to the age of 12 or older when the knife is involved in crime, even if they do not catch a blade.

The Knife owner almost spent five years in the third, showing the latest figures.

There is a public offense for a public offense and a breakdown of a knife in a school.

The Court House approves the proposed prevention orders as part of the Government Officers 'Officers' Offices.

Social media ban

If the court can be convinced that the intelligence of the police is uncertain, it may impose penalties:

  • To deal with the curve to leave the streets and beyond specific areas
  • Special requirements for summarization awareness courses to change their thinking
  • We suspect the loss to promote feuds for social media
  • To prohibit the withdrawal of a maximum of two years from members of their gang

Prevention orders may also be taken to prevent a convicted person, in the old ways of avoiding it.

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Multimedia noticeHe reveals knives selling silly research

The non-execution would punish a two-year sentence of imprisonment.

It is fifth in property crimes or threatens a year-round knife for ages 10-17.

Hospital figures show that less than 813 people were treated for severe injuries to 18 years, until April 2018 (80%), from March 2015.

Criminal Surveys in England and Wales (a nationwide study of people's experiences), almost 6% will know that someone has knit.

"Completely disproportionate & # 39;

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said the proposed law enforcement acted a gap and the goal of the police would help the knife carrier more efficiently.

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Multimedia noticeKnife crime: What happened to Michaeli?

"I will do all my power to traumatize the powerful communities and to claim too many young lives," said Mr. Javid.

"The police have already used some measures to keep our streets safe, but we are not in the battlefield."

But Sarah Jones, MP, chairman of the Knife Crime Party Parliament, said it was a "flawed" plan.

"A young prisoner detained – young people from 12 years old – the generosity of breaking this command for two years is very unpleasant."

Enver Salomon, General Director of Just for Kids Law, said the government has said "is going to go to the toughest initiatives that lead to non-civil servant work".

"This will be very small to correct the causes behind the knife and bring the younger to criminal justice system," he said.

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