Friday , August 19 2022

Leeds United player for Samuel Saiz has rare roles as Marcelo Bielsa thinks


Marcelo Bielsa's little irony of the current team, a player who describes himself as "our team's captain" can not leave a place.

Bielsa looks forward to Samuel Saiz's strange talent, especially the imaginative brain of the footballer, but Saiz has been in the Leeds United Bank for the last four weeks and again presents it.

Until the end of October, when Bielsa saw others believe that Saiz's influence was back, his energy was limited and he needed a break. Since then, Bielsak has met Mateusz Klich, Adam Forshaw and Kalvin Phillips.

Saiz had a temporary short-term in the season, but West Bromwich Albion and Bristol City played as a substitute to play against, despite the advent of Pablo Hernandez. Bielsa is pleased with the Spaniard: in the midfielder's touch, at his best, he can play without a champion, but he has not worked without a reward, and now he has a goal. year of the year

Bielsa Saiz's name indicates that Saturday's fifth match against Reading, and the UK coach did not recognize Saiz's best features as "the whole group to take into account."

"Saiz is a skilled player of the team and I think the players have little capacity," said Bielsa. "I have not only talked about our team. I talked about football in general.

"We need a player and we are not thinking about teams considering 18 (players), not just 11. 11. We only think of players. We always think that substitute is not a good thing, but it's a mistake to think like that, I do not count that but what reality tells us.

"Samu is very useful for our team. It takes 20 minutes, half an hour or a whole game, I have to consider the whole team".

The stalemate was challenged last season, a six-year ban was suspended after January-January. He recently acknowledged his position and made it clear that there was no race in Leeds.

"As we learned last season, we could not play play-offs, it was a moment that was hard for me," Saiz said in a statement last month. "I had a lesser motivation, I could not achieve the goal. I had a problem and it could not happen again."

He realized that he was conscious of Bielsak Saiz's behavior, saying: "Of course, it is difficult for each player to not think their interests, you need to draw a good balance and draw the right conclusions."

After saying that Saiz had hit the bank with the right level of motivation, Bielsa said: "Yes. I'll respond in two ways: it's true and I'm honest.

"If that was not the case, I would not say publicly, but in this case it showed a very positive behavior."

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