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Liverpool news and transfers LIVE – Rumor of the PSG team, Buffon can improve thanks to Alison's Klopp player


Updating Woodburn

Jurgen Klopp is not worried about Liverpool's development at Sheffield United.

The midfielder appeared in Everest's U23 victory this weekend to get the necessary scores.

Woodburn has just played just 10 minutes in the first team club football and was recently watched from Sheffield Stalls.

Klopp, however, has no progress.

"It's not a happy state, it's realistic," said the director.

"Sheffield United, of course, is playing a brilliant season and it is always difficult. The team of the championship is quality and, although high on the table, it has a higher quality.

"Ben is still a boy. He had the chance to play and play here, and, of course, he acted well.

"We never lose or think:" Sheffield is not doing well. "It's customary. He wanted to go into a situation he had to prove elsewhere.

"Until now, he has not worked brilliantly, but in a situation like that and after eight or nine years he has had trouble with his development, as it has been highlighted in our youth department, it is very important.

"While it is healthy, everything will be fine".

Liverpool players celebrate Adam Lewis's goal - including Ben Woodburn
He shook Woodburn with Everton this weekend (Image: Nick Taylor / Liverpool FC / Liverpool FC through Getty Images)
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