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Madeleine McCann: Gertrude "became a man" when his daughter disappeared from the United Kingdom News

Madeleine McCann disappeared in the afternoon of 3 May 2007, with her family at the holiday resort of Praia da Luz in Algarve. The young man disappeared from apartment 5A from Ocean Beach, while his parents drank a few yards away. Last week, the controversial series Netflix was released, trying to make a clear case of the 12-year issue.

Madeleine McCann's "Divide Madeleine McCann" series of eight episodes offers original interviews during Madeleine's absence, as well as new accounts for those involved.

He also talks with Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swann: "This book:"Looking for Madeleine "became the bestselling.

A chapter their own The text explains how Gerry McCann has explained how he has "changed" his whole point of view.

It reads: "It Gerry's attitude was a turning point About crisis

"While the couple paused in the local church, he recalled:" I started to think very well about how I felt and I do not know how to follow.

"I had this mental image to be in a tunnel, and the clearance at the end of the tunnel was very narrow and remote, the light was opened and the tunnel was wider."

The book continued on how experience Gerry helped her to find her daughter instead of helping her.

He specified details: "It was almost something similar, and I did not say that it was the Holy Spirit – I went in and gave it this image.

"I can not see it as a vision, I do not know what a vision is.

"& # 39; But I had a mental image and definitely decided to help me.

"That night I became aware of a man and the next day I got up at dawn."

The same book also describes Kate McCann's emotions that he had lived on tonight's daughter.

He says: "5A in the apartment, McCann's emotions remained uncontrollable.

"Both were Kate and Gerry, Rachel Oldfield reminded her," it was a great nightmare for the most hysterical politics and screams. "

"Fiona Payne, an anesthetist at the hospital, said Kat:" I never saw raw emotions in my life.

"It was only, Madeleine was very scared."

Despite the coverage of the new Netflix series, Kate and Gerry McCann did not accept the release.

The statement on behalf of the couple argues that the show could interfere with police investigations.

He reads: "We have not seen and we still do not see how this program is going to be searched by Madeleine and, above all, because it has an active police investigation, would hinder it.

"As a result, our views and preferences are not reflected in the program.

"We do not report or talk about it program. "

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