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Manchester United could release three new fronts against West Brom – Tyrone Marshall


When Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial started nine of Manchester United’s last 11 games last season it looked like it was an attack the club had built up over the next few years.

With Jadon Sancho the club’s top priority in the summer transfer window was much liked about how Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team would progress.

Alas, that excitement has darkened late. Sancho did not sign and the three fronts who stood out after recovering from the season in June have barely appeared together this season and have all had trouble fighting.

Martial was knocked out against Tottenham and banned for three games, Greenwood had his strong discretion as England’s duty and there is at his best this time Rashford’s ongoing work (he has played 25 of United’s 26 games since June 19) with England’s last team shoulder injury.

The trio scored 14 goals in those 11 games they started together at the end of last season, but so far they have started twice this season together, winning at Brighton in the Premier League and then against Tottenham just 28 minutes before Martial was released. .

None of the trio scored a goal in those games, but they have had 11 again this season, seven of which have been Rashford. Against RB Leipzig they were again on the same score when all three were seen, when Rashford came off the bench to win 5-0.

With Greenwood aside at the moment and Rashford struggling with the injury, the wait to rejoin the attack may extend beyond this weekend.

That’s not ideal for Solskjaer, as he finds the previous three options limited after United failed to land Sancho this summer. Daniel James has continued to struggle to get in shape and while Juan Mata started the season strongly he has struggled to maintain those levels against Istanbul Basaksehir and Everton.

So it could be that Solskjaer will have to present three new fronts when West Brom visit Old Trafford on Saturday night, and it could be that United’s attack will have a new spearhead.

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Edinson Cavani scored his first goal before Everton’s international break and kept his form on Friday with his 51st goal for Uruguay, a 3-0 win over Colombia. The 33-year-old played 78 minutes in that match, another essential workout in an effort to get fit for the entire match, which he will surpass on Tuesday night against Brazil.

If Rashford or Greenwood lose to United on Saturday, Cavani must be the man to join. His goal-scoring record is high and many of the fans who signed him on court day have allayed their concerns with the contributions he has made so far.

He only played eight minutes at Goodison Park, but he took his goal well and was more rigorous with each of the five cameos coming off the bench.

United went into the international break on Saturday to win what was the most important match of the season for Everton.

The low-pressure reds came after Toffees to beat Bruno Fernandes ’double and Edinson Cavani’s first goal for United.

United have a two-week break with many stars on international duty. We’ll look at how they all play and their preparations for the next Premier League game against West Brom.

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Cavani can often be used as an impact during United’s time, but he is at Old Trafford as a top-backer which means starting the game when the previous three need a break or are unavailable.

Although the Uruguayan is unlikely to play as a center-forward, the other United attackers are versatile. Rashford, Greenwood and Martial can all drive the line, but they can all get off the wings as well.

If Cavani starts against Baggies, he would see Martial return to the previous three left-back roles, ideally with Rashford or Greenwood on the right.

Solskjaer doesn’t have the chances he wants in the attack right now, but Cavani’s hunger to set a new challenge for United was committed to signing him out of the late summer window. Premier League.

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