Monday , June 21 2021

Medtronic updates nutrition data for diabetes

Plunge brief

  • Medtronic Israel Nutrino Health, a nutritional data analyzer supplier, is strengthening its offer of diabetes groups. The financial conditions of the agreement were not presented by companies.
  • The medical device company intends to integrate nutritional food analysis capabilities with diabetes care devices to help patients manage better. Nutrino's services have artificial intelligence tools to analyze how nutrition intake can affect people's health.
  • After closing the transaction at Q3, Medtronic will get Nutrino's food database, a food analysis system and nutrition science expertise.

Dive Insight:

Medtronic is the leader in the development of diabetes management technologies, which develops a loop-enhanced hybrid approved FDA that controls blood sugar continuously and manages the insulin dose called "artificial pancreas".

With the purchase of nutrition, Medtronic facilitates the simplification of food and nutrition management of diabetes patients. Nutrino has developed algorithms to predict food glycemic responses. Medtronic seeks to integrate continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and loop feed into the insulin system.

Q2 profits were released last week, the diabetes group's revenues were reduced by 26.2%, largely to the MiniMed 670G Hybrid Closed Insulin Pump System and the Guardian Connect Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.

Medtronic and Nutrino started working together in June 2016, and Nutrino played a leading role in United States products at Medtronic, said companies. These include the iPro2 myLog application updated with CGM professional devices and the Sugar.IQ diabetes helper application that is used with the Guardian Connect Smart CGM system.

Sugar.IQ uses analytical IBM Watson to find glucose data models and in real time, it offers personalized feedback on patient insulin doses, daily routines and other factors.

IPro2 myLog application enables physicians to evaluate meals based on individual glucose reactions in patients. Patients read activity and glucose and take pictures of each meal with food intake. The platform shows the glucose spacing, the glucose-versatility pattern and the graph of the entire glucose trace. A second report called FoodPrint produces results (A, B, C, D or F) for each meal based on the body's glucose reaction.

"Nutrition and nutrition diseases will give us the importance of differentiating us from the diabetes industry through our organization and help our patients with diabetes improve their freedom and health," said Hooman Hakami, President of the Diabetes Group. MEDTRONIC.

Purchase is expected to be closed by the end of the third quarter of the Medtronic Tax, January 25, 2019. Transaction is expected to be neutral in revenue from fiscal fiscal 2019.

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