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Meghan Markle News: Meghan and Harry Kate and William leave aside the Royal | News


The sources say that these two years, parents near Harry and Meghan are very close, they are ready to separate the paths, although they have been kept in two offices at the Kensington Palace. Sussexek & # 39; Frogmore Cottage & # 39; He goes home, that is, the taxpayer does not pay taxes, until Meghan's first baby in the spring is among the claims of Kate and his sister's rise. The officials of the Kensington palace were buried and Meghan proved tough and dreadful about stories, but others said the two sisters had no commitment.

There was not much fall, depending on what the pair knows, but two women are not always the best friends.

A year ago, in a compromise interview, Harry and Meghan welcomed William and Kate.

Harry then said: "And then, William knew and Catherine was. So you know that we were some of our neighbors – many years ago and Catherine was completely …" "Wonderful," Meghan interjected. "Amazing, William, too," said Harry.

Friends have confessed in numbers 37 and 34 that Meghan and Harry want to spread their wings. "It's not unusual to want to put a bit of distance with you," said one source.

Palace officials have highlighted Harry and Meghan's main reason for leading the 33-meter Frogmore estate home of the Windsor castle house. Their baby was in need of places they want to reach.

They have been living together in a double room in Nottingham, in the palaces of the palace, since the last year's commitment and not finding the available options at the Kensington Palace, a composite king named "other aunts" by Edward VII. London real estate.

New Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Frogmore Cottage's Enigma

There they talked about 20 rooms with 1 apartment, William and Kate at the Kensington Palace. Many of the apartment travelers, the Duchess and Duchess Gloucester, intend to get out next year, and children will be included in smaller age-old stability.

But time has not been proven for Harry and Meghan. "The apartment needs an important restoration and it would not be time to be ready," said a source.

The Palace does not say why taxpayers pay for Frogmore Cottage for Sussex.

"That will be the next summer, the Royal Monetary Report will appear as usual," said a spokeswoman.

But when the plans announced by William and Kate were taken to their apartment, officials paid £ 4m in cost and reached 4.5 million pesetas in 2014.

In such cases, Harry and Meghan will provide interior decorating and furnishing, but they cover the cost of renovating the taxpayers.

The Palacio officials quickly stated that William and Kate stayed in their apartment, until they became King, they did not commit to Harry and Meghan, the official headquarters for "predictable future".

Previously, senior royal sources have said Clarence House is assigned as Harry's future future home when his father becomes King.

Frogmore Cottage, Frogmore House, is much larger than Frogmore Cottage, where Harry and Meghan have had their 10-night wedding reception.

"That's a part," said a source. But the couples office did not deny how many rooms will end.

Royal sources have also ventured the Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, to go to Britain and install it at Frogmore Cottage.

He will be a normal visitor, but he thinks he wants to keep his home in Los Angeles.

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