Friday , February 3 2023

New Zealand Huawei 5G sends national security concerns


New Zealand has blocked one of its largest telecommunications operators through Huawei 5G telecommunications equipment due to national security concerns.

The decision is one of the world's leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. It is the next generation of mobile technology, but it has already been blocked due to similar reasons for supplying equipment in Australia and the USA.

The proposal for the use of Huawei 5G technology for Spark Plug in China has been denied that the country's intelligence agency sent "significant national security risks" as the company said on Wednesday.

"The CEO Spark today announced that Spark's proposal to use Huawei 5G's Spark's 5G radio access network would, in any case, create dangerous security risks," said the company.

Spark said the decision was disappointed and he had not yet checked specific reasons behind. However, the company was convinced that a telecommunications operator expected the launch of a 5G network from July 1, 2020.

The USA's Five Eyes Intelligence and Security Network members continue to pressure – Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom – Huawei and ZTE, to block the Chinese telecommunications group from 5G other networks.

In August, Kanberra blocked two operators to participate in the 5G circuit, for reasons of national security, by introducing new technology security challenges, as a way to prevent traditional security controls. The United Kingdom warns the telecommunications operator earlier this month, which would be carefully analyzed by suppliers in 5G, commented on Huawei.

Huawei said Spark's statement was investigating the situation.

"As the GCSB (New Zealand intelligence agency) says, it's a constant process, we're going to work together to find a way forward," said Huawei.

According to New Zealand Law, Spark wants to work with Huawei and intelligence services to mitigate the national security risk. The proposal for the use of Huawei equipment would definitely be accepted by New Zealand Justice Minister.

The analyst said the Huawei and ZTE efforts were part of Western wars 'and Chinese military wars' technology, democratically evaluating equipment suppliers to ensure that teams do not have a national security.

"New Zealand's decision is a great prediction for the Five Eyes to take a strenuous view of moving nations' movements to Huawei," said Fergus Hanson, a cyber security expert at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, who believes.

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