Saturday , February 4 2023

News on Brexit: Backlash does not publish full legal agreement with the agreement


The Government has renewed its position by publishing the complete legal advice provided in Breitek's agreement.

Downing Street said the "political position and the legal status of the retirement agreement" would be to free the "fair position".

The movement has confused the Labor Party and the Tory Breititeers, who have published the whole text.

Conservative MP Peter Bone does not release the Prosecutor General's details, because Geoffrey Cox's full legal advice was "dangerous."

Peter Bone MP 10 left Downing Street earlier this month (PA)

Daily Telegraph said: "People will think, of course, that legal advice does not support their case, and that's why they do not want to publish it.

"The executive's challenge to parliament is a very dangerous precedent.

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"Maybe they are trying to make the vote after the vote, but it would be an attack."

Shadow Breit Secretary Keir Starmer said the situation was completely unacceptable and Labor would have to use any parliamentary mechanism to challenge.

Work Keir Starmer Request Legal Advice (PA)

The ministers continue to link legislative power to publish legal advice, preventing ministers from breaking down anti-movement attitudes.

He said: "In this decisive event, they must provide the necessary information, decide and vote.

"Jobs and parliaments have nothing to say about the legal advice presented to the wardrobe.

"The legal summary will not be enough, and it will not match the oral decision made by the House of Commons."

And Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the Brexite Conservative group ERG, said Express: "The matter is very serious.

"The government did not want to publish advice, that voting should be opposed, not shake.

"You can not pass a vote without accepting, and then say" empty, "we're wasting & # 39;."

According to the Prime Minister's spokesman, the movement coincided with the commitment given by ministers of the office of David Lidington.

"This is a fair position position that sets the political and legal position on the Government's proposals to withdraw and attach protocols, so that the commitment was only a couple of weeks left."

A court source has said ministers give full legal advice to the Northern Ireland customs protection, which will leave the United Kingdom EU outflow mechanism to be an effective EU Union in the United Kingdom.

The Government explains how the government will analyze Brexit's economic impact, which will save Theresa May from the EU.

Downing Street has said it covers a "set of scenarios" that the Prime Minister wants to push his case, saying that this deal represents the only way of protecting jobs and investment, preventing it from avoiding the cause.

Travel to Scotland in another day's campaigns to help the voters to appeal to their heads of ordinary power.

The analysis of the Economy and Finance is expected to be much better in the UK, under the terms of the agreement of Mr May in Brussels, rather than confronting Breit inadequate.

Ministers also published their assessment of the EU's economic impact if they were to be UK's headquartered in the UK, if they were to deny the wrongful Commons failure, they refused.

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