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Now you can get the Google Project on iPhone now: Here's how

Project Fi is no longer an exclusive club for Android owners. Google today announced (November 28) that the wireless phone service opens up more devices on many devices, including Apple iPhones. Oh, and a new Project Fi name is obtained in the right way.

Updated on November 28 at 3:50 p.m. ET: Additional information about the Google Fi application has been added.

Credit: GoogleCredit: GoogleOnce the project phase is over, the wireless service is called Google. From that moment on, you can visit the Google Fi site and register for the use of most Android phones. Conversely, iPhone owners are targeting Google Fi to iOS, even though Fi iPhone is running as beta. You can check compatibility for your device using this tool.

What is Google Fi?

Fi has been awarded in recent years, with a unique focus on other carriers. For one, you will only be charged the amount of data you use. The "Plan" is just a single one and will start at $ 20 to access the line, plus an additional $ 10 per gigabyte. If you have a single line and you use more than 6GB, you will have to pay more than $ 80 per month based on the Bill Protection feature. (For both lines, Bill Protection launches 10 GB).

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Fi is based on another special network – or, rather, networks. Google by T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. He has worked with mobile phone businesses, and until now, the phones running on Fi have changed perfectly between three, according to the fastest signal; Fi network uses Wi-Fi connections when available for connections.

iPhone caves

We say "until now," with these new phones fully accepting with Google, because the rules are changing a bit.

The combination of Fi's network depends on the combination of hardware and software found in Google phones, such as Pixel 3, LG G7 and Moto X4 Android One. iPhones and traditional Android devices do not have this and will therefore only be limited to T-Mobile service. In non-optimized smartphones, Google will not automatically change Google's Wi-Fi so that three carriers will not automatically change.

It's not an amazing engagement, what is set for Fixed, but it's still disappointing. Technically, always in Fi work You will not be able to use multiple networks in the designed cell phones for this purpose unless you place the SIM card in your mobile network. It seems here is true. These devices do not have the new Fi-Enhanced Network beta, which means that all Google traffic through VPN is more secure.

Fi websites iPhone users should tweak a bit to work properly. While IMessage works "out of the box", the APN settings must be changed to enable MMS. However, this is not common; Customers who come to the laptop that is not a portable device are familiar with it after a similar process to enable full messaging support.

Other Fi Perks

Fortunately, even if you do not own the phone, you get Fi's other perks. In addition to the Nifty pricing scheme, there are two million Google free (and secure) Wi-Fi access points worldwide to get the most out of mobile data. Fi owners have the right to receive free SIM data cards free of charge. Plus, Fi is a vast network of passengers. This service continues in more than 170 countries outside the United States and costs also.

In this sense, Google is calling for an end to Fi, with two travel themed promotions, which they currently only distribute. First of all, if you buy through any phone through Fi, Google will give you the equivalent amount of a passenger gift card, whether it's a subscriber or not. Otherwise, if you're starting up on your phone, the company will give you $ 200 in credit services.

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