Friday , October 18 2019
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OnePlus 6T McLaren Limited Edition rumored to pack 10 GB RAM

OnePlus mobile devices, mobile phones and sometimes unusual jobs are not new, but the company is collaborating with the first automotive marketing first.

Technically, the result of this brilliant collaboration between OnePlus and McLaren sports equipment manufacturers is revealed and fully determined on December 11 in a special British event, but there will be no reward in the future.

This will be the first OEM model, equipped with a 10 GB RAM, with a set of configurations of $ 549 for each 6 concerts and 8 versions for today's 6T versions with $ 579 and $ 629.

Of course, we do not know that the OnePlus 6T McLaren edition will be directed to the U.S., even though in limited numbers, the first UK rumor on December 11th will continue with India's expansion next day.

Because Porsche Design Huawei devices compete, OnePlus expects to keep retail costs (medium controls) at a cost, linking the aforementioned memory account to a "single storage space of 256 GB."

This is, of course, for many of the most entertaining digital venues, but also for the OnePlus 6T standard at a reasonable price of $ 629. The design of the McLaren brand and car race will be included in the special edition of the 6th edition. Who gets excited about it?

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