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OpTic Gaming classifies FaZe Clan as CWL Pro League substitutes [UPDATED] |

Until a few days after the start of CWL Pro League, OpTic Gaming will finally announce who will be the sub, and it will be one of the biggest stars of Call of Duty.

This year, due to the amount of talent lost in the CWL Pro League, it is not surprising that many teams choose their main substitutes.

OpTic Gaming, however, decided to save the best of the latest ads, Tommy & # 39; ZooMaa & # 39; Paparatto announced for Pro League.

The movement talked about the ZooMaa on January 27, said "it could be supposed to be done before the" OpTic "contract.

However, when the incidents occurred, after the OpTic announcement, it was fully implemented.

OpTic Gaming deleted its Tweet immediately.

CWL Pro League could not win the FaZe Club, one of the biggest surprise qualifiers, because it saw a lot of teams in the league team.

The group ended with Pool Play record 3-3, both Excelerate Gaming and Overtime eSport (Denial Sports signed on January 29) and for the playoffs.

While his teammates were shy asleep, ZooMaa is now a third FaZe player to find a new home, Preston & # 39; Priestahh & # 39; Greiner and James' Crowder & # 39; With Crowder together with 100 Ladrones players and coaches respectively.

OpTic Gaming won the first annual CWL event in Las Vegas last December.

After publishing the initial tweet of OpTic, ZooMaa confirmed the movement and also thanked the organization for its approval.

The CWL Pro League will start on February 4 with OpTic Gaming.

OpTic Gaming will participate in the upcoming CWL Fort Worth event, from March 15 to 17.


While all the race details were clear as soon as possible, ZooMaa later cleared things through a command on his Twitch channel.

According to the command, ZooMaa is still contracted with FaZe Clan and is not actually borrowed, in the case of Priestahh and Crowder.

That is why ZooMaa OpTic will only play if you need a replacement for the next match.

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