Wednesday , July 6 2022

Pochettino Perfecten won the Tottenham Derby at London Rival Chelsea


Tottenham did not benefit from the transfer market this summer, but they were able to cancel those mistakes by Mauricio Pochettino's contract.

Football coaching football coaches, parents and simple footballers athletics could see the destruction of Tottenham Chelsea 3-1. It would be an analysis of the effectiveness, structure, organization and progress.

Tottenham's Mauricio Pochettino played a very good part of the game all over the game, not surprisingly 10 minutes before the departure of Chelsea's outer contiguous contingent. That was a little expected in the match. Although Chelsea has been defeated or at least suffering, the plan is a bit too popular. Deny the Jorginho Ball. Some have got it completely. That's what Chelsea reflects on this season's unstoppable Premier League season.

Tottenham was improved by an Italian-born native of Brazil. The Chelsea press tightly tightened the game that saturated 60 minutes into England and skeptical nights in England.

To work for the Chelsea strategy, teams must scatter this. Chelsea keeps the ball and does not win quickly. Sarría does not have the Guardiola's six-second defense from Barcelona, ​​because the Italians and Spanish are not obvious.

However, the most important mistake is the disbelief of the central defenders, not only the reading of the game, but rather the intelligent determination that David Luiz was lacking. Gary Neville was once again tested, and Tottenham made a brilliant defense of Spitfire against Chelsea.

Heung-Min Son was superb and Luiz had a skinny jeans school before finishing third and goal scoring. Before Harry Kane played a very perfect game to play. When it was necessary it was taken to the ball and often became defenders. He kept yesterday's foot in completing long shots in his game, and also goalkeeper Luiz goalkeeper. Arrizabalaga should do better, but the defenders are arguing that they do more damage, for the whole match played by Luiz.

The first goal was to welcome Tottenham's general lack of cohesion in Chelsea. Luiz left the competition literally away from any other league in the league, then Tottenham routine quickly and maneuvered with Blues and scored 1-0 in the first minutes. .

Tottenham was decisive in the step and Chelsea was punished more than failed. Many other football teams arrived in Madrid, as they were red-and-white runners at seven points.

It's really not good enough that Tottenham defeat Chelsea and be proud of him. For Blues, they will be keen to remember where they will be. They are a tough and cumbersome group, boisterous and overconfident. Tottenham is a solid and perforated unit of cohesion. Because the lack of money and star power is easily grafted, characterized by perspiration and sweat.

An excellent performance for everyone and especially the manager. Tottenham is the best team in London at this time.

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