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Scottish HIV Drug Intake PrEP's "Anger" in English & # 39; puts society

Less than five people were hired by almost 2,000 people, the largest risk of the virus being infected after NHS Scotland's first use of drug prevention.

Preventing HIV PREP (pre-exhibit prophylaxis of HIV) is available anywhere in the UK, says the initial success of Scotland "trying to deliver English embarrassment."

In July 2017, Scotland became the first country in the UK to have access to free access to PrEP without having a high risk of access to HIV and to meet the eligibility criteria, such as having HIV partners. In clinical events, 75-86% demonstrated PrEP to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

The NHS National Services Report, in the first year of the PrEP Provision of Scotland, revealed that more than 90% of those entitled to receive drugs received a prescription, of which the fifth one never received a sex health clinic.

The NHS of England faced PrEP to face the cost, but the campaigns argue that it is much cheaper than the treatment of HIV, and it would cost £ 360,000. After denouncing the campaign in the courts, NHS England has enrolled thousands of people in the main trial to "respond to meaningful implementation questions". PrEP is also available from Wales for sex health clinics.

Prof David Goldberg, The head of the PrEP coordinator team of HIV in Scotland, described it as a "recreational drug", and "it is very likely to significantly reduce the sexual transmission".

Additionally, he also added that PrEP could have an effect on the consequences that may affect the transmission of other diseases. Some healthcare professionals have expressed concerns about the use of PrEP, because people can use condoms.

Deborah Gold, Managing Director of the National Guard for the State of the Guardian, financed the Irish court ruling, said: "The progress of Scotland in PrEP … the embarrassment of England has shamed".

He added: "A third person who joins with PrEP has taken part in the health clinics for the first time, which shows that PrEP increases its commitment to sexual health, which means that HIV infections have dropped for the first time and that PrEP has another can diagnose, treat, and sustain. "

Gold said he must still work to make sure that women and other groups could have access to PrEP: 1,872 people were prescribed over the first 12 months of PrEP in Scotland, 99% were male men.

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