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Seismic seismic waves gathered around the world on November 11. Now the seismologists are trying to figure it out

Seismic sensors gathered from an island between Madagascar and Africa. Then the alarm bells were as far away as in Chile, New Zealand and Canada.

Hawaii, almost on the other side of the planet, the "& # 39; event & # 39; he also received

Nobody knows what it was.

Meteorite? Submarine volcano Nuclear Test?

"I do not think I have seen anything like that," said National Geographic as the Seismology of the University of Columbia, Göran Ekström. "It does not mean, in the end, that their cause is exotic."

In the midst of the mystery is the small Mayotte island, situated halfway between Africa and Madigascar. They have been murmured by the earthquake since May. Most were small, but the largest – May 8 – was the largest recorded recorded on the island, which exceeded 5.8 magnitude.

But the earthquake rumors have declined before this mysterious month has been detected.

Ekström, who specialized in conventional earthquakes, said much less about the incident on November 11. As if the planet was like a bell, it extended with low frequency monotonous.

Earthquakes, according to their nature, usually are "cracks" drastic. As the Earth's surface voltages are suddenly released, the pulse of identifiable seismic lights emerge from sliding.

The first signal is the primary waveform: high-frequency compression waves make radios in radio.

Then there is a secondary wave: frequent waves are more frequent.

It only covers surface waves: these slow and deep whirlwinds are lingering and circulate around Earth several times.

The incident on November 11 is noticeable that there were no primary or secondary waves.

Everything registered was a wave of depth and resonance. And there was 'rumor' & # 39; an earthquake's surface waves trend. Instead, it's a much cleaner frequency, almost music.

National Geographic believes that the French Geological Survey suspects a new volcano is suspected by the Mayotte coast. While the Moon emerged from volcanic activity, it expires over 4000 years.

French jewelery ring can create magma movements from 50 kilometers of coastline and deep water. This admits that the GPS sensor has detected Mayotte about 5cm south-east to move less than 5 months.

But it is a poorly mapped region. Accurately it can only be invented under the ocean.

Ekström thinks that ordinary signals may be caused by magma quantities around a magma camera, or may be forced through an underground rocket.

But not sure.

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