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Sports Direct and House of Fraser Closed shops in the shopping center CLOSE


Higher mogul says all 17 stores in Intu shopping centers have closed.

Direct Sports, Fraser House, Flannels, USC and Evans Cycles outlets.

It comes after a vow row, with the new terms of income from four Fraser homes.

Direct Sports and the Fraser House

EXIT, GOING … Mike Ashley tried to close his shop's 17th (Pic: GETTY)

Mike Ashley

BACKLASH: Ashley's move comes after the new terms of rent leases around Fraser's four homes (Pic: GETTY)

Intu shopping center

BIG LOSS Claims closed by Ashley will refund £ 25m (Pic: GETTY)

"It's not a reality to have a long-term relationship with our retail trade."

Mike Ashley

According to the Sunday Times, the owner of Newcastle United will close at Ashley stores when rentals break or expire.

"He has shown that retailers are ready to help save stores and employment," said Ashley.

"There is not a reality in our long-term relationship with our retail businesses."

Ashley also claimed it would close within the Intu will cost more than £ 25million to lose rent and service charges a year.

But Intu questioned the figure, Retail Trade, since July 30, 14% of the stores' stores were rented, 5 million pesetas per year.

In an application, Sports Direct, Fraser's house, in August, and Evans Cycles's administration in October, said he had "had several meetings" with Intu and "took a flexible look."

Into the shopping center

DENIAL: It emphasizes that over 5 million euros will be lost (Pic: GETTY)

Direct Sports Store

BIG NAME: Mike Ashley directs Sports Direct, UK stores (Pic: GETTY)

Fraser shop house

PREVIOUSLY: Ashley bought Fraser House in the administration in August (Pic: GETTY)

Cycle shop at Evans

Another: Ashley also saved the Evans Cycle last month in the administration (Pic: GETTY)

He added: "We could not do our best to keep reasonable stores stores to continue trading."

The move next week next Saturday, the stores at Intu center were closed by the four houses of Fraser.

Fraser has confirmed that from the beginning of 2019 four stores have been shut down in Essex's Intu's Lakeside, Gateshead Metrocentre, Norwich and Nottingham Schedules.

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