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Suffolk with autism is excluded from school outside school

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In the Suffolk County Council report, the "misplaced" was the girlfriend of autism

Autistic teenager missed a school after a five-month blunder transfer to the Suffolk County Council found a report.

The child was not eligible to go to school-specific schools until July 2016 in the midst of GCSE studies.

A study by the Ombudsmen for Social Services was "inadequate" in the Town Hall, which did not take into account the "intelligent need" of the girl.

Due to the faults accused by the City of the child and his mother.

The report – posted on Thursday – said the adolescent attended a school of external autonomy for five years when the City Council decided to move it to school in July 2016.

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There was no evidence to change their needs and gave them 14 months to give a girl Education, Health and Care Plan, said the report.

He was a 11 year old student without a full time education for a non-formal school, until he found another independent school.

"The mistakes in the consumption situation were remarkable," the research concluded.

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The City moved a child's usual school where no help was provided, the report was found

Michael King, the Local Government and the Social Welfare Ombudsman, said: "This girl took a long time, what she considered to be necessary, to set her own school, but still the Suffolk City Council took the girl despite the evidence she gave in school and her education psychologist.

"The lack of resources must never be the best child-care provision for educational needs.

"This was a 14 month composite weakness planning plan and its acceptance was not a supply within its limits."

The Council has ordered 1.200 euros for adolescents to pay for education and a £ 1,000 "doubtful and agitated". Mum will also be compensated.

Likewise, the authorities have agreed to review procedures related to common practice.

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