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Tesla's financial downturn ends unexpectedly

Tesla announced Wednesday the unexpected resignation of its head of finance, adding wholesale sales to the exodus that led to the increase in wholesale electric vehicle management.

When the company released the financial results, the Wall Street short sellers turned their backs on livelier financial pressures. After resolving the problems of production, he tried to make or close the Model 3 model, which in the end of the year could create enough cash under its balance sheet and threaten to off the $ 920m convertible repayment forecast.

Deepak Ahuja's new outcome, together with the company's winners, was commonly used through a regular analysis. Tesla's market brought a 4 per cent instantaneous 4-percent drop after the market, down $ 300.

"There's no need to make any changes," Mr. Ahuja said. However, he pointed out to the company that he had followed "two quarters strong."

Former Ford Executive, Mr. Ahuja, was the chief financial officer of Tesla seven years before he retired in 2015, and two years later Elon Musk executive director brought him two years later.

The second outcome of the work, Musk said, will be a very challenging year, asking a reduction of 7 percent in the company's workforce.

Tesla also said Wednesday that sales for the first time from Model 3 to Europe and China have exceeded sales in the current quarter.

The strong result of 2018 in the Tesla is a continuation of the strong surprise that has taken place in the third quarter. In the end, after overcoming the persistent productive problems of Model 3, the company pushed for a favorable but temporary margin.

$ 3.7bn

Tesla gross employment at the end of last year

The first buyers of Model 3 had to pay the price of more than $ 35,000. Musk has established the car as a basic price, allowing the company to obtain a gross margin of more than 20 percent in the car. in the last two quarters. In addition, Tesla's customers in the US were still able to claim $ 7,500 full credit for purchases.

The fiscal credit was reduced by half of the beginning of 2019 and will disappear completely in the middle of the year. Also, Elon Musk, the chief executive, has reduced the price of $ 35,000 this year, down $ 44,000 below the lower price, spreading its profit margins.

Tesla earns $ 3.7 million at its end of the year, and has earned more than $ 700 million three months earlier. The capital expenditures less than those forecast, the company created a cash flow of $ 910 million, more than 880 m over the previous three months.

Its powerful cash position means that the $ 920m convertible bond will be able to return the market without having to save money, Mr. Mosky and Ahuja write in a letter to investors.

In addition, the company has issued a new Model 3 production deadline for 10,000 vehicles this week after a ramp-up of the Model 3 of last year. The factory's California facilities will last 7,000 weeks, this year at the end of the year, with the new Shanghai production plant, it would add up to 2020 by 2020 by 2020. Musk has repeatedly stated that the rate at 10,000 a week at the end of 2018.

Mr Musk warned the staff to face the new challenge earlier this month, announcing 7-year job cuts. Tesla said that he had directed the "positive goal" that he had won in the first quarter, which would make it "with great difficulty, effort and luck".

Tesla earned 7 million euros and earnings of $ 1.93 in the fourth quarter. Wall Street was expecting a profit of 7.07 million euros and a fee of $ 2.19. Based on formal accounting formalities, including the stock offset excluded from the company's pro forma cipher, earnings reached 78 percent, compared to a loss of $ 4.01 a year earlier.

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