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The European colonization of America caused climate change in the environment

The American colonization of the Americas transformed the environment and freeze the earth's climate from its native birth. He has discovered new research.

Colonizers increased the number of people in conflict and the number of indigenous people decreased by 90% in the fifteenth century, from Christopher Columbus to America and the Caribbean in 1492.

This "large-scale depopulation" was a vast territory that was expanding into agricultural lands, according to researchers, to cover land with new trees and other vegetation.

Replacements made the planet really improved by soaking enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, with an average temperature of 0.15C from 1500 to 1500, and at the beginning of the 1600s, a study by the University of London scientists found.

"The great death of indigenous peoples in America has had a major impact on human development in the Earth system, two centuries before the industrial revolution," wrote Alexander Koch, Chris Brierley, Mark Maslin and the UCL Simon Lewis. .

During this period, it is known as the "Little Ice Age" that goes down, as the London Thames River would cool, storms were common in Portugal, and agriculture was interrupted in famines in several European countries.

The painting of a fair, built in the year 1684, was one of the stars of plague.

The painting of a fair, one of the frozen ice floes in eleven emergencies, in 1684. Photo: Heritage Images / Getty Images

UCL researchers found that American colonization in the Americas contributed most strongly about 1600 million people in 1600. Death factors in the study are the main factors, such as vaccine and elgorriza, as well as war. and the collapse of society.

The researchers calculated how many indigenous peoples had to be, and then it was missing, with around 55 million hectares, France's approximate value to France, it was vacant and it was planted with carbon dioxide absorption.

Research in the past has led to the mankind's industrial revolution, and in the manufacture of goods, the use of fossil fuel for electricity and freight generation gave up ten million carbon dioxide tons. atmosphere

The deforestation of urbanized agriculture and development has also led to the liberation of greenhouse gases, which causes heat around the 1C around the past century. Scientists have warned that the world has more than a decade to reduce emissions or to worsen storms, droughts, floods, coastal floods and food insecurity.

After fifty days of American evolution, air carbon content was reduced in the air, with about seven carbon dioxide diameter of carbon dioxide approximately per air molecule per air. This compares 3ppm to carbon dioxide that humanity adds to today's atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.

"There is a lot of debate about the negative emissions we are expecting and tree planting is used to reduce carbon dioxide to the atmosphere to alleviate climate change," says Chris Brierley.

"And what we see through the study is the scale of the demand, as we are dying, as a field is recovering the size of France and only a million parts.

"This is useful, it shows us how much it can do to rebuild, but also this type of reduction is worth the current rate of fossil fuel for two years."

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