Monday , July 4 2022

The Financial Secretary has set up a £ 75 million Break fund for Budgeting businesses


Business leaders The Scottish Government is setting a £ 75million fund to help deal with Breitek.

The Scottish Small Business Federation (FSB) Scotland accused the Scottish Secretary of State Derek Mackay of his Holyrood quote on December 12.

The FSB also commits 100 million euros to helping Mackay to accommodate Scotland's urban centers, adjust the government's price relief scheme, set up a Tourism tax to get more businesses and refuse calls from municipalities, impose a tax on the cost of hotel rooms.

According to Brexit, Scottish President Andrew McRae of the FSB said "a great priority" was the cross-border business "avoiding an unusual chaotic transition."

But he added: "We need an agreement that Scotland companies welcome every dot in every current proposal."

Mr McRae calls the UK Government "to pay more attention to the Scottish business community," calling them key issues, such as designing a new immigration system when the country leaves the European Union.

The Scottish Government, on the other hand, wants to pursue an example in Wales, and ministers announce the EU Transition Fund 50 million euros to help businesses.

In his Secretary of the Secretary, McRae said the "extra help" companies were asking for the post-Brexit reality in the UK to adapt.

He said: "In particular, small businesses need financial help to make the necessary adjustments, to enter into business information or expertise, to have greater or different bureaucracy, or to tackle the issues of skills or personnel.

"As we have already said, the Scottish Government should establish a resilience fund for Brexit, similar to that introduced in Wales."

The request was made after the FSB investigation "At least Scottish businesses began preparing to prepare Brexit".

Mr McRae added: "The guilt of some few would still not know exactly what they are preparing, we can not overwhelm changing the good trading environment quickly."

The new Center for Diversification of the Municipal Center for 100 million pesetas was announced, saying: "The main street is the headquarters of retail trade, but if we return some of our urban areas, we must attract the next generation of companies.

"We want the Scottish Government to be a success in its urban regeneration fund, a new high street diversification program."

Such funds can turn them into several street shops, as well as to build more homes in urban centers.

Mr McRae called Mackay "think business" as the "business small business bonus", and so outside companies in the relief area can get more help. "

FSB Scotland has a value of between £ 15,001 and £ 16,500, with a 50% interest rate, such a change would be around 3,500 companies, costing 5 million pesetas.

"This simple move can reduce the rate of tax rates to alleviate the pressure on the wider tax system," said McRae.

Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell said: "We want to point out the concerns expressed by Scottish businesses as to how Brexit's damage will occur. Above all, there is a warning about the reduction of migration based on the threat of forecasts and the economy of the Scottish economy.

"The Scottish Government has already launched an initiative to prepare Breci with support for subsidies of £ 4,000, but, of course, it is the best way to alleviate the worst impacts of the uninhabited EU, the European Single Market and the Customs Union."

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