Wednesday , July 6 2022

The Galaxy A8s Screen Protector is poured with the camera hole in the display


The rumored Galaxy A8s has become the first Samsung mobile phone to make the screen camera a hole in the shoreline, and China's new leak adds more fuel to the fire. If you look at the given image, you will notice the supposed Galaxy Screen A8, and it is not really difficult to notice a hole in the screen in the upper left corner of the screen saver. Additionally, this screensaver cuts the headphones of the phone at the top while the bass is slightly thicker than the top. If you judge this screensaver, the Galaxy A8 can almost completely deviate, of course, outside of the camera hole. This screensaver looks somewhat slightly curved, but probably a Galaxy A8s glazed glass screen on the screen, as there will be a curved display. The viewing camera hole has been measured at a diameter of 6.7 mm, and when evaluating this image, it may actually happen, the visualization hole seems to be quite large.

Background: Samsung returned to the arrival of Galaxy A8 in a couple of weeks, and during the press conference, the company has actually proposed that the device has a camera hood on the screen. The company has recently patented a few designs, but it will still be seen that this phone will become an official. Galaxia A8s will be part of the medium range Galaxy Galaxy. A galaxy A set of devices that is not surprising to test the features that Samsung designs on new features and range devices. The Samsung brand behind the three cameras has the first series, that is, the company's first quad-camera phone, Galaxy A9. The Galaxy A8 is expected to be launched soon, but it continues to be seen, since the company did not announce the date or anything else.

Impact: The Galaxy A8s probably will not be the only Samsung-brand phone, a screen camera for a hole to make sport, it's not long over, the company expects to present a slew of these phones in 2019. In fact, a screen camera on the Galaxy S10 is expected to last at least If rumors are to be believed, even though Galaxy S10 curves (at least some variants), and lowercase Galaxy A8s, Galaxy S10 can really be completely inadequate, but there is a catch in the camera hole. For now, it's only rumors, but the next year we'll have to wait until February, when the company announces Galaxy S10, so that in 2019 we can see what our store is. While happening, the Galaxy A8 becomes almost official, this option will start the phone before the end of the year, but as mentioned, nothing has yet been turned into stone.

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