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The GP substitute will now see you

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An army of more than 20,000 physicians, pharmacists and paramedics, should be hired to work next to prisons, as the NHS leaders said.

New employees will work together with GPs for 300 million years of work in the year.

It will also monitor the community's patients.

In England the NHS said doctors should allow patients to spend more time with patients.

The average appointment lasts about eight minutes, GPs say, there is not enough time in front of complex problems with aging.

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NHS chief executive of England, Simon Stevens, said: "It gives the greatest impetus to over 15 years of age, giving patients more services by their local GP surgery, breaks between family doctors and community health services."

The GP leaders took great pleasure in the movement, but warned more doctors.

There are currently more than 34,000 English-speaking workers in England, with 11,000 practice nurses.

Despite the commitment to hire more GPs, full-time equivalence has fallen by almost 400 in the last three years.

The Royal College of GP estimates that the nation is about 6,000 GPs short enough.

What's happening?

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The changes have been announced within a five-year contract with the British medical association.

It is financing an additional £ 4.5bn, which will be invested in common services for the year 2023 according to the 10-month NHS Plan.

GP practices are being financed directly to hire some employees.

In the future, each practice should be its pharmacist, review medicines and make social prescription binders, which will be able to relate patients to exercise classes, to the loss of weight loss and arts and mental health problems.

However, community services are undergoing a reorganization within the 10-year plan, generating primary care networks through a large number of GP practices.

Many additional workers will work on one of these groups, offering more services for patients.

For the 2023-24, there would be 22,000 more fences, pharmacists, paramedics and ties.

Nigel Edwards, Nuffield Trust, has said the NHS can be hard-pressed.

"We need more information about these workers, after all, many of the SNS's have serious shortcomings," he said.

How has the profession reacted?

When a change in a new contract enters a new contract, the profession is left behind.

BMA GP's lead Dr. Richard Vautrey said the "sure" new agreement would benefit patients and doctors.

"In recent years, family doctors have worked hard for excessive employees, and they are doing better to address the demands of patients more and more complex," he said.

Prof. Helen Stokes Lampard, head of the Royal GP, said that these new employees would become "skilled GP team skills".

But he added: "Our main goal is to keep thousands of doctors more and keep them."

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