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The miracle of a young couple survives the pioneering baby spinal surgery


When the British couple traveled to Germany, the nurse could have a pioneer stomach surgery that would welcome the healthy baby girl.

Georgia Axford, 19, and Tyler Kelly, 21, £ 9000 ($ 16,000) borrowed, because Piper-Kohl could work in Germany, UK doctors did not do it before.

Parents found daughter spin bifida, spinal cord, 20-week scan.

The condition causes weakness or paralysis in the lower limbs, leaving patients under the muscles, and in severe cases patients leave the wheelchair.

Piper was born urgently in 30 weeks and four days – who gave him the same birthday with his co-founder Thomas Kohl, who made the operation and who nominated him.

They are not as successful as surgery until Piper comes, but doctors do not see signs of paralysis at this time.

Until then, Georgia said: "It was covered there for the first time, but it was only seen. It was so small.

"It could really mark the backbone when it was already born. You really think how incredible it was. My mother would only love my mother.

"We have been called Piper by the surgeon, for everything he has done. I strongly recommend that anyone with surgery is a similar ship for us.

"It was a horrific time at that time and it was money, but it was worth it. I'm so happy here."

Georgia and Tyler provided treatment for the NHS, but they were told that the operation would have never been the surgeon before.

The couple raised £ 9000 ($ 16,000) and traveled 570 kilometers to Germany to carry out an unforeseen operation, which should take place within 26 weeks.

In a three-hour operation, on June 13, surgeons add a 3.5 kg collagen patch, which is commonly used to treat burnt victims, more than the spine's spine.

He covered the exposed nerves and was required to repair the cognitive and lower body reparation to stop the bub.

Piper was not on October 2, but moved to Georgia early work and was taken to the Bristol Southmead Hospital, the doctors issued an emergency section on July 28.

Piper was born at nine o'clock in the beginning at 9:31 p.m., only 1.64 kilograms.

The little girl spent two months in intense care before being home with her parents at home.

Georgia recalled: "I woke up at 11 and thought I was back in bed again, but from 12:30 p.m. I was getting into contractions.

"Tyler took me to the hospital and it was very good.

"It was strange because we had scanned that day and it was on my box. Looking back, it probably came out to be ready.

"I was not arrested until afternoon until 5 pm until my nurse told me, I had to rest.

"We do not know how the operation worked until it began to work, but it's good at all times.

"One month he can sit down to help him work that way."

Then, Father Tyler said: "We were a little disturbed when we started working in Georgia, but Piper was much bigger than we expected.

"When it was born, the wound from the operations was open.

"We did not take her home until we felt the right parents, before we had nurses around, we did not feel alone.

"Professor Thomas Kohl's block is horrible and we wanted to name him Piper. He was born in his birthday, so that all places went down.

"We are still in touch with him and published it in Piper's progress. We could take Piper to Germany to know him."

Georgia and Tyler have created a fundraising page to pay for the loan for this operation. Here you can donate.

This article appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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