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The murder of Pat Finucane fell under the human rights standards, the rulers rule UK news

Belfast's attorney Patrick Finucane's murder was not effective at the official investigation of the 1989 assassination, and he was not governed by the highest courts, and did not meet the necessary human rights standards.

Unanimously, five judges said that in 2011 the investigation by Sir Desmond de Silva committed to condemn their mortality. The court did not ask for a public inquiry and left the government to decide whether or not to require further investigation.

Finucane, 39, a high profile representative of the Republican Belfast, a lawyer killed one of the dead in front of his family, killed 30 years ago a month ago at the home of Belfast. .

His wife's lawyer, Geraldine Finucane, has argued that more than one review of the murder, and not more than one public hearing, was caused by the ineffective control of murder.

Following the death of Finucane, the loyal paramilitary intelligence officer in charge of directing the Ulster Defense Association, Brian Nelson, was an agent controlled by the British Force Research Unit.

A senior policeman, John Stevens, undertook murder. In 2001, the government of the United Kingdom and Ireland established a political agreement that an international judge would investigate to kill Finucane, among others. This agreement was decided upon by Finucane in a murder, but when the decision was made in 2010 when David Cameron got the power.

According to article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, citizens should not be required to die, but it is also the duty of effective investigation of the deceased.

To court, Lord Kerr, Supreme Court Judge, and former Northern Ireland Legal Officer's Speakers have stated "whether or not an effective investigation". That, he said, "did not happen."

De Silva's criticism of "did not criticize people because they did not criticize people". On the other hand, the court said "the role of witnesses could be". if he has tried his accounts; He gave them the chance to identify their finances. [then] It could be concluded that the opportunities for identifying the people involved have been expanded ".

"Unless one of these provisional interventions, according to article 2 of the investigation into the death of Mr. Finucane, has not yet been completed.

Kerr concluded: "This is why I would like to say that article on Article 2 of Patrick Finucane's death has not been met. It does not do such public research [his widow] ask for it.

"The States decide, in accordance with the review of Sir Desmond de Silva's review of the opinion and the impossibility of dealing with the procedural requirement of article 2 above, what type of investigation, if it is really possible, if necessary, to fulfill this requirement."

Finucan had wives and three children on Sunday afternoon, when the army fled to a house in the north of Belfast and fired less than 14 times.

Kerr said: "She is dedicated to her widow, Geraldine, and [their] Children have financed an unfinished campaign to make Finucane a good research on the state of murder.

"At first it was clear that those responsible for killing Finucane called loyalists. Previously, there was an agreement between the members of Finucane's assassination and security forces."

Since then, Kerr added, the research "did not reveal the help provided by the members of the security services and the help given to the killers."

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