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The police investigated the bodies of young women and boys found at home


The police have put in motion a woman and a young boy who found dead in a quiet home.

The pair, formally unidentified, was found a member of the public on Friday afternoon in Newmarket Suffolk's two-story home.

The neighbors started a woman at the age of 30 and at age 10 she told her son "always smiling," but "kept herself".

A police cord stores around property, a house attached to a narrow street around 30 houses.

There is a Volkswagen Golf hatchback on the sidewalk parked property behind the police ribbon.

A neighbor, who lived the other way around, said: "I came home tonight at 8:00 p.m. and there were the federals (police) everywhere.

"I think they were here all night, and the courts were gone and left."

She said that she knew the sight, but she only said it once.

"I think, like everyone else, he stays in his head. I only talked about collecting the package. Probably it was in the early 30's.

"Even if the boy was happy, it seemed like a young man, perhaps seven or eight. Every time I saw him he was a smile."

Another couple in the street said the boy had seen him playing in a nearby park.

They said: "Probably, at the age of thirty, they were under the age of 10. But they kept themselves.

"There are many houses rented in this street and many people have come and gone."

An elderly resident said home-owners just had a few on the street, and most were wages.

He said: "I've been here for 60 years and the street is quite quiet.

"Very sad, though, it is not. Tragic.

"New people are moving so much here. I think I know him, but I did not know it."

A testimony told Newmarket Journal that a woman had taken possession of "tears".

"I heard that," he feared that it was so scary, "he told the paper.

Another woman visiting the street said that her friend had seen a male man, and others knew that another person had comforted her yesterday afternoon.

The Suffolk Police said the officers called before 18:00. They have requested appeals for anyone with information.

The forces said: "A member of the public told the police that a woman and a young man were found inside the dead and inside the premises.

"At this time, he is currently investigating police in the area of ​​death. He knows the parents.

"Everyone who was in the Park Avenue area during the day would have heard and could have heard what he could do."

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