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The races are accelerating to NASA SpaceX closer to closer cross-reports and read Russia to the next Soyuz • Registry


While NASA held Mars's other successful soils, the organization delivered things over the last seven days, in all areas nearer to home.

NASA: We do not burn it

The week has begun Washington Post Elon Musk gave him some strangest gifts: he preferred advertising. NASA announces the announcement of plans to look at the work culture of two commercial control contractors: Boeing and SpaceX.

The Post NASA overwhelmed the mighty podcast episode of Mosk, where they had relaxed marijuana and whiskey shots. The US space agency, according to WaPo sources, did not want a bit of behavior. The delays and costs are excessive due to the withdrawal of the cash flow of the contractors. But do I throw it back for me? This requires complete research.

NASA spokeswoman, because the beans around the review did not emit, said "ensuring that companies meet the safety requirements of NASA's workplace", including the drug-free environment. "

SpaceX is likely to feel a bit like that. After all, it has been able to create a reusable rocket in less time, NASA has managed to bring its recoverable rocket engines to the ocean (and Boeing competitors) for a long time running NASA's missions. the same trick

There is a need to consider a more in-depth analysis of the security of the announcement, the NASA should also look at some parts of the agency that are smoking themselves. The Orion capsule announced earlier in 2004 the Crew Exploration Vehicle (the first flight in 2008), it was not expected to fly a missed mission earlier than 2023, and the Space Launch System (SLS) was delayed because it delayed it.

It's a date! NASA's latest commercial crew will see the first job that will be guided on January 7. Maybe

In NASA's workplace rumor dogs are presumed not to cause too much, SpaceX and Boeing are sure to get the stars into orbit.

First of all, SpaceX will be launching the demo-1 mission of the International Space Station scheduled for its January 7, 2016. The mission will be launched from Shuttle and Apollo pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

The NASA Administrator emphasized in a tweet The date on the 7th of January was not set, and can vary depending on the factors, such as range or ISS availability.

Capsule 2 capsule crew variants will show on board and docking operations before landing. SpaceX needs to test system abortion abilities until it is operated before June. Boeing will continue a little further, with the revocation of the test in March and a flight in August.

Everything planned (and goodness is not reached so far – the first 2015 flights to be made in 2015), the first operational missions should be carried out in August and December 2019.

Russia may triple the ISS on December 3

Although NASA has decided to take a quick look at United States contract work practices, Anne McClain, Oleg Kononenko, and David Saint-Jacques Soyuz, MS-11 shipbuilding team, thanked Russia for less than two years after MS-10, its crew moved Earth to the launching flight after bankruptcy

At that time, NASA "made a thorough investigation into the cause of the incident", which Roscosmos has made in real time, pointing to a sensing voltage during the assembly.

After the triumph starts on December 3, it will have the civil circuit to reach the ISS, which will only take six hours to carry out a six-month and a half mission. SpaceX is scheduled to launch Dragon Cargueiro the next day two days later, December 6. ®

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