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The streets of the streets gave up incorrect information about deadly allergens | Society


The top five restaurants and coffee chain five members gave false or confusing information that could cause allergens to customers.

The journalists who work with the BBC have secretly visited where they were raised as clients with allergies. Pizza Hut, Nando and Frankie and Benny's branches, as well as cafes, Starbucks and Costa, gave them bad advice.

A study was carried out, with the death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, who was reported to the government, who had anaphylactic reaction because he ate a Pret a Manger sandwich, because allergens did not provide any kind of packaging.

The latest revelations in a new edition of the Watchdog Live show on BBC sparked criticism by Rasel Shahid and his sister, Shahida, was killed after being marinated in a buttermilk by a chocolate burger in 2015, though restaurant workers had a dairy allergy.

"The death of Shahida was completely preventable … If the mix was good and properly labeled, Shahida would still be here today, so how effective it might be to have a good labeling," said the program.

Some reasonable journalists visited five six-store chain chains and found that Pizza Express repeatedly provided clear and accurate information about the allergen.

Frankie & Benny's

In an office, a journalist said badly that a dish did not have celery. In another, the reporter was asked to agree terms and conditions that the restaurant never guaranteed that a dish was completely allergenic, without gluten. The workers told BBC's "behind-the-clock" reporter.

His main company said the BBC's "deeply worried" report. "We understand very well that we need accurate information about food and what we all consider as allergens very seriously."

Costa Kafea

In a branch, the BBC magazine misunderstood the mince cake that it did not milk, even though a consulted consult a allergy book.

The company said: "This time, the team member has not followed the correct procedure and has given incorrect information. This is clearly unacceptable and we have re-published the best guidance and practices in all areas."

Pizza Hut

The allergen book was not understandable if the reporter tried to mix a worker or not, they had to have two mustard dishes. Each one was connected as a component.

Pizza Hut Restaurants spokesman said: "In this particular instance, the book's information was correct, but we have added comments on the board and QR codes added to our menu menus for this week, all of which link our nutritional information."

Nando in

The reporter said poorly that the burger had no mustard before correcting this information.

The company said its managers typically treat allergies with clients. "We are sorry, this time, this process was not going well, as it is a priority, it reminds us of all processes and processes of importance for all employees."


A worker initially said that the lemon cake, with almonds in the ingredients, did not have nuts, while nuts were in danger.

Starbucks said security was his top priority. "In this case, this commitment has been short and we have not complied with our strict rules. We have asked about this issue in our store for this team and in our stores in the UK to strengthen our standards and expectations."

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