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"The Walking Dead", season 9, Episode 8, Recap: [Spoiler] Is he killed?


Warning: It's in the middle of next Sunday The Walking Dead.

It fell a lot in mid-Sunday The Walking Dead: We found a new one Relationships, why the list of friends of Michonne was so shorter than that, and wicked security was the only prisoner of Alexandria. But it must be true: in short, Whisperers and fear spread over the post-apocalyptic canvas, like so many clouds (by chance, also he turned to his back. Who was the first pregnancy of Villains? Read and know.

The-walking-dead-season 9 episode 8 dies after Jesus diesABOUT YOURSELF'S DANCE & # 39; | When "Evolution" began, Daryl, Jesus, Aaron and Dog at least shone to search for Eugene. "That's not normal," they agreed. When we cut it to Alexandria, Gabriel advised Negan's adviser. But former Saviors chief was enthusiastic today that a ball of tennis had been bounced off the wall all day long. And in the new window she reminded her on TV: "And I love watching TV, that was it!" When the preacher is pressed, "life must be meaning," said Negan's subject that changed the things that heated under his window, such as Rosita's, and not a boyfriend! When Gabriel left him as soon as C. Thomas Howell saw, Hilltop had Rosita. (Technically, I do not think CTH was in this section, but we thought we thought it was clear that we saw it).

The-walking-dead-season 9 episode 8 dies after Jesus diesWhen Michonne and Siddiq came to Hilltop, he knew that Newbies might not accept them. "What's not to our liking?" Luke asked radically. "We are a very well-known group. We are not scrappy." After the door, Michonne felt it a long and irritating game. What Otherwise Did people keep me? Tara knew that he had more people to be in touch with. As Tara had told her that her fate was not decided, when Jesus came back, Michonne was afraid to see Carol … he refused to greet his old friends and went in. Thus, he returned with Alexandria's security chief, but he could not believe Siddiq secretly communicated with other communities. Shortly after, Carol had a great hug. And Michonne? Yes, no hugs. Caroli told him that he had not read the letter of Ezekiel and that he was not acquainted with forgiveness, but he invited a delegation to the show. From its POV, there were communities that were "very broken in the world". Thus, "we have to take care of it today".

The-walking-dead-season 9 episode 8 dies after Jesus diesWE DO NOT HAVE WOMEN & # 39; | Later, while he was looking for Eugenius, Aaron proposed to Jesus that the only fight that could have had a leader would be. I do not know for sure that we've seen a lot of evidence. But However… they were soon surprised to see that the herd of mystery was approaching them, and the size doubled, worse than the mysterious herd before it. In Back Hilltop, Henry and Carol said goodbye, and whether this is a wonderful moment for the child or mother, the scene still killed you. (Again, Melissa McBride is so good, probably reading me Eggs and ham!) Sometime, Henry knew how Alden was learning how to make a point … He wanted to go directly to his heart by kissing Enid's young man. His hardness already said, yes, Henry was available to hang out after the work of Earl and Tammy Rose.

The-walking-dead-season 9 episode 8 dies after Jesus diesIn Alexandria, Negan was in charge of being completely unbearable from being unknown to Gabriel, and giving bad news to the Hilltop was soon approaching Rosita wounded. In some way, apparently, Gabriel became the workman of Negan. (Wait, Enid may be a physician today, but nobody can change Gabriel's rooms in Negan? In a community that is as large as Alexandria.) Before the rest, the preacher said: "I need to have a bad enough wash – I do not to hear it! "At the same time, the youngest of Hillage, Gage, Rodney and Addy, invited Henry, or they called him Huckleberry. That evening he lost his hanging expression. Despite his plans with Earl – Carol cut off my head! – The boy said yes, surely.

The-walking-dead-season 9 episode 8 dies after Jesus diesNEVER COME FROM NORWAY! | Before Sidney puts a nursing assistant at Rosita Hilltop, she was pardoned for Michonne, keeping her so much. In response, he acknowledged that people were still angry that he was angry, allegedly alienating Alexandria from other communities. But "it does not make it easier". And he still did not limit barriers, "it's not what they want." At least he thought he had no choice but to hate his old friends that they were alive. When Rosita finally regained consciousness, she took her bed and led a group to Eugene hiding in the barn. Daryl & Co., said "I do not know what they are dealing with!" At night, after finding the missing missing match in the search game, he continued to thrill. In fact, as it was explained to his rescues, cattle almost doubled. What's that, Dog? Ack! The shepherd returned again!

The-walking-dead-season 9 episode 8 dies after Jesus diesAt the same time, Henry, happy with Addy, was astonished, portraits were drinking with his new friends in a sleek room outside Hilltop. "If this is your idea of ​​fun," he joked, "What happens when it starts to get bored, I hate it." Stop, the boys were very happy when they were bored to show it: they were caught in a pit where they tortured a Walker. In any case, as soon as he used a cat as an intern, Gage said, immediately at the top of my list. Addy, clearly, did not want much of it, dismissed me. I liked it. Henry got into the hole and put on a walker. Why did you do that? Gageri asked. "If I need to explain it," replied Henry, "you should not understand." Meanwhile in Alexandria, Negan found … what is …? Gabriel did not lock – or he did not block it properly – his cell. And he realized that he was a freelance man, looking through his wicked face, we were amazed to see some of the new features of the order.

RESIDENTS LIVE! & # 39; | Together with Jesus, Aaron, Daryl and Dog, Eugen moved a theory that evolved from the poets. She knew no sense, but walking around the dead was pretty crazy. And "the brain is alive," he added. "If it is alive, it can change and perhaps you can remember hard things too." Or even more astonished how to locate and hunt, Jesus suggested. While dogs were dropping with a dog and my back, Daryle was behind a four-legged friend to interfere with the shepherd, and Jesus and Aaron escaped an injured Eugene. (Oh, Dog, you did not know!) In Hilltop, Tara pushed Earl drunk and said Henry "throwing a pig after my boots." There was no alcoholic about what happened – he invented Henry's "wicked hair". Well, that was when the child respected their commitments, it could only have a home-made package. It was not that, Henry explained. "Today I saw my mother cry" – and, at that moment, realized the great role played by Hilltop. He wanted to escape from that sensation a bit, that was all.

The-walking-dead-season 9 episode 8 dies after Jesus diesAs soon as the episode happened, Daryl used a fireman to draw his flock, he seemed to be afraid, he could scare him and run him. (Yes, I'm talking about everything about Dog. With that deal.) At the surprise of the couple, he ignored his flock with noisy and colored lilies, then transported to a doorway Jesus, Aaron and Eugene (without losing my mark, severe pressure da). The triumph made a remote burial along the ground until the exit door was discovered. Eugen was forced to fight over the fence, but they must fight. As the whispers around were becoming louder, Michonne appeared. And Magna and Yumiko! What did they do there? "It gains our maintenance," said Magna Michonn. In the end, the group opened an open door, Jesus was behind to postpone pedestrians. And if he was fighting for the jungle, he would probably be well. But Jesus plunged his sword and dumbed on his back and said: "Where are you, where are you?", He knew they were not only pedestrians.

& # 39; ENTERED & # 39; | As quick as you say, "Durable," Daryl, Michonne – everyone – came back to fight against Jesus' peddlers. When Aaron began to weep, Daryle realized that the murderer of Jesus had a mask, it was under him … yup. A plain and murderous man. And that was definitely a valuable intel, but it was not so enjoyable that the team was very good at that specific moment. Because, as if you were going far away from the Dog, I hope you have a safe distance? – Whisperers said they were surrounded by their terrifying and silent tone. So what did you think of "Evolution"? Our first whisperers attacked? Michonne's attitude … for everyone? Rate the episode below, then press the comments.

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