Monday , June 21 2021

Theresa May discusses telematically Jeremy Corby in the past of Brexit

The television debate between Theresa May and Jeremy Corby will happen at the Breitth deal, which the prime minister sent a personal challenge to his work.

Mrs May is desperately desperate to denounce her agreement to public and parliament in Brussels and the United Kingdom, which is considered to be an offensive public affair for a fortnight.

The Prime Minister said he has discussed television among its plans and will try to bet on his agreement.

In a conversation with the Sun, Mrs. Mayo said: "I will leave the country and I will be around. I will talk to people.

"Why do I think this deal is right for business in the UK, and I am willing to discuss it with Jeremy Corby, for I got a plan, it did not get any plans."

In response to Mr Mayen's challenge, Mr Corby expressed his support for taking over the prime minister.

"Jeremy's talk with Theresa May, the power of Breitth and the future of our country," said a Labor Party spokeswoman.


What do British Britons think about TV Brexit?

A Sky Data Survey Two-thirds of citizens show 66% – They accept controversy between Mr May and Mr Corby, 33% opposite.

People should accept a second referendum at Breitth in a referendum with the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leaders. 51% should say that 49% do not say it.

But the public is much more likely to say that Brexit's serious choice and Mrs May and Mr Corby's "mischievous" would mean 63%, such as 37%.

May's May was a heavy criticism in the elections of the 2017 general elections, compared to direct television discussions with other parties.

Almost 90,000 people have signed up Sky News & # 39; request independent commission to become an assembly assembly in the UK for television debates.

Boris Johnson is not convinced by the proposal of the Prime Minister, Breitek


All parties can attack Brexit

Sun reported on the provisional date of Downing Street on 9th, the debate between Mr May and Mr Corby for television. Two months before, the vote on the Breakep settlement of the parliament would be held.

Any television that is discussed only between the Prime Minister and the Head of Work is likely to be a tough criticism of other political parties and campaign groups.

Voting campaign for the second EU referendum has already called on television, including Voice Breit television.

And Brexiteers proposed outgoing supporters on May 2 and should be invited to join Corbyn members and approved two retirements in the 2016 referendum.

The Daily Telegraph said foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt told Mr May in Monday's cabinet, to discuss former ministers Tony Blair, that he wants a new Brexit referendum rather than Mr Corby.

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