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Thousands of UK-born children are exploited by large groups

27,000 children have been warned by the gangs in order to show how innocent people are "miserable" with armed and exploited weapons, explains a major report.

An analysis by children's commissioner – most of the gang members of the children are estimated to be neglected by the authorities, as they are repeated in the case of previous gender-based grooming scandals.

Boys and girls ages 10 to 17 are targeted by criminal groups, many of whom are involved in serious violence.

Early 23-year-old Co-operative Gang by Richard announced that young people were encouraged to participate in their respect for their family members.

Exploiting the exploitation of young and vulnerable people is very disturbing
Exploiting the exploitation of young and vulnerable people is very disturbing

"There is a sense of encouragement, but at the end of the day the decisions are approaching you," he said.

"When some of these young people sit down and say, they get lost. When lost, in that sense, they literally follow and go with them, many of whom do not know who they are or what they want to do.

"It wants to be what you want, and that's why it's nothing to do."

Richard, who was arrested at the age of 16 at the age of 16, when he participated in an armed robbery, said he believed he was entering film.

The report was thought to be felt by other young people in the same way, based on their location, families or broader partners by a group.

Those outsourced of these circles are similar to those who use the victims to abuse sexual abuse, they have added paper.

Commissioner Ana Longfield, curator for Sky News, said: "What we have found in this report is not just about getting information or knowledge about the number of children in small groups, or getting them or getting them.

"I am worried that a decade ago they are studying the errors of sexual exploitation of children and that there may be many extreme boys with extreme risk that they do not need help.

"There are 27,000 children identified as gang members, who know a gang of partners, or even more serious violence. Only one quarter of the authorities know it.

"Although children are very vulnerable, there are many more social, emotional, mental health needs.

"It's possible to do it harm yourself, they will not often be in school, they are scared mostly, most of them."

Anne Longfield thinks it's a summer break for kids
The children's curator Anne Longfield is in extreme danger in thousands of children

The discovery is a growing concern for youth violence, and in particular, the crime knife.

This month, it was revealed earlier in England and the number of serious deaths in Wales has risen to a high level since more than 70 years ago.

The trend has been to sell non-profit drug networks to exploit children and adolescents who have created a gang of "regional lines".

figures Last year by Sky News Drug corridors used 2,000 routes in England, using thousands of children.

NSPCC and Barnardo, among other things, children's charities have called on the government to address the issue and have expressed concern that police and social workers have tightened their minds.

According to the spokesman of the Government, "we have committed ourselves to protecting babysitters, offering support and skills that need to be guilty of blasphemy against fraudulent people who use them to exploit them.

"That is why we have launched the Emergency Emergency Strategy, which requires more attention in the face of early intervention, as long as it is enforced.

"Educators, social services and healthcare partners have proposed a new regulation on obligations to work together to combat violence against public health and provide 220 million pesetas to help children and young people in violence.

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