Sunday , February 5 2023

Training of the running of the bulls and strength is tested to keep the youngest body the best


AFor example, aerobic exercise, such as running, swimming and cycling, can be reversed, but the strength training does not have any effect, a study suggests.

Scientists monitor the aging of the body at the end of the chromosome, protective capsules, known as telomeres, maintaining full DNA and functioning the repair system.

Human age telomeres are becoming shorter while cell death and disease. But a new study conducted at the University of Leipzig found that the aerobic aerobic telomere was stretched by 3.5 per cent within a period of six months. On the other hand, weight training people did not have an extension.

Scientists think of resistance training to travel to our birds and imitate long-term combat or flight behavior.

Those who participated in the aerobic exercise in 45 minutes also received three times a week telomerase three times longer, those enzymes that maintain long and healthy telomeres compared to those who take part in resistance training.

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