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UK policy directly: ministers in Scotland for “disaster” | Politics


Good morning. When Boris Johnson became prime minister last year, among other responsibilities, he decided to become a union minister. According to the Cabinet Office website, his job in this position is to “ensure that all governments act on behalf of the whole of the UK”. But if you measure success by the impact it is having on achieving independence in Scotland, it has failed. Support for independents is now greater than ever. Here are the polls, from the What Scotland Thinks website, since Johnson was appointed prime minister.

Questionnaire on independence from July 2019

Questionnaire on independence from July 2019. Photo: What Scotland thinks

And now Johnson has privately told Conservative MPs that the decommissioning has been a “disaster” in Scotland. The SNP sees his words as a gift. Here is our nightly story.

After the Sun revealed last night that Johnson called Johnson a “disaster,” the number 10 said that was not the prime minister’s opinion, that he always deviated, but did not support it “when it was used by separatists and nationalists.” Breaking the UK ”.

Robert Jenrickthe community secretary, clarified this morning when he defended the PM in an interview with the BBC breakfast this morning. He said:

The Prime Minister has always been in favor of protection, ensuring that local people and communities have a greater say in their destiny, both in inappropriate administrations and in England, by giving it to regional mayors.

What he feels strongly about, and I agree with, is that the weak in Scotland has facilitated the rise of separatism and nationalism in the form of the SNP, and that this is trying to separate the UK and anyone, like the Prime Minister, loves the UK but wants to keep it together, very we think the result is very dangerous and disappointing, something we have to fight for … to keep the UK together.

Jenrick said it would now be “crazy” to hold a second independence referendum. He said:

I also think that any politician who wanted to hold a referendum on such an issue at the moment, you know, is actually crazy. We are in the midst of a very serious state of health, a pandemic, and we are also seeing great disruptions in people’s lives and lives as a result of the economic disruption that has arisen with it.

If the SNP gets a full majority in next year’s Holyrood election, polls say it will, then they will call for a referendum. Westminster SNP leader Ian Blackford has said it should be done before the end of 2021.

Here is the agenda for the day.

09:30: Boris Johnson chair. He will do so virtually because he isolates himself.

09:30: The ONS publishes weekly death data in England and Wales.

09:30: Sir Mark Sedwill, a former cabinet secretary, gives evidence to the public administration and constitutional committee of the Commons about the work of the Cabinet Office.

11.30am: NHS Providers, the Royal College of Surgeons of England and The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists provide evidence to the party’s parliamentary group on coronavirus.

12:00 pm: Downing Street is expected to hold a daily lobby session.

From 14:00: Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has given the statement to the Scottish Parliament. It is expected to announce tougher controls for large parts of western Scotland.

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