Friday , August 19 2022

UK Weather: Storm Diana To Lash with Britain's Heavy Rain and Wales


In the United Kingdom, a "major change" is expected in the next few days, as Storm Diana spreads in the Atlantic.

In spite of the cold and sunny spellings over many countries, it is very serious in the middle of the week.

Storm Diana, according to IPMA's Portuguese weather service, is currently threatening Azores and felt part of the West of the United Kingdom on Wednesdays.

Dan Harris, Deputy Minister for Meteorology at Met Office, said: "Today is a very important week in the UK when we see a major change in the weather.

"We have a very hot and cold weather, we hope we will shake it from south-west to the UK, but it's a question of approaching Wednesday's weather and stormy storms and strongest winds on Wednesdays and the current Storm Diana Coast."

Monday is still sunny and bright in most parts, although there are some sunny eastern slopes.

Temperatures are expected to reach the highest south-west of 10C, compared to other 4C to 7C high, clouds pose a risk of mercury at night.

Requirements are expected to activate on Tuesday, dripping southwest with damp and cold weather.

Built in the Atlantic, Storm Diana arrives on Wednesday as a low pressure system in the north of Ireland.

The 60-meter Welsh could be seen in parts of the western United Kingdom, with heavy rainfall, though the storms move quite rapidly.

Diana watched the rains between 60mm and 80mm during two days after the end of Wednesday.

Storm Diana is planning to leave away on Wednesdays night, even though they will go to Thursday.

Temperatures will be mild in 15C (59F) highs south-east, Wednesday and Thursday, average 5C (9F) during the year.

Diana Storm was named IPMA, due to the first effects felt by Portugal's Azores.

The next winter storms affecting the United Kingdom will be named Met Office, Deirdre in the list of the following names.

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