Thursday , April 22 2021

Victoria Beckham's new YouTube channel Fans wants to "really, really want it".

Spice Girls fans think that Posh Spice will not be a show in the new group meeting, but it's been 44 years since it's coming back. On Saturday, Victoria Beckham launched her YouTube channel London Fashion Week's show shot in September with a video.

Technically, the fashion designer of the celebration has a channel with a backstage show on YouTube shows and offers some of the beauty of the fans. But this news release will fill the channel with stuffed zippers, makeup lessons, aesthetics tips and other fun content on VB.

Beckham's videos and YouTube's new fashion and beauty director will direct Derek Blasberg to a very short interview with 10-year-old fashion industry. Beckham called his "new chapter" in 2018, that he loves to return to New York to London and has received a brand new investment.

Of course, Spice Girls were a lot of puns. "I'm launching my YouTube channel, makeup tutorials, aesthetics tutorials, my many things and seemingly naked," Blasberg joked. "Apparently, people like it. What do they want, what do they really want? and it comes in my channel! "

Victoria Beckham on YouTube

He continued: "I'm sorry now that I wanted to put everything on my feet for a long time." Blasberg was promptly picked up on "foot gas", if Beckham was asked to be a good driver, he replied: "Have you not seen? Spice World? Do you know how bad I am driving? "Yes Victoria, we all did.

Who knows if Beckham was going to become a YouTube player, would he come into everyday life and post his latest unboxing videos? It has more than 20,000 subscribers (likely to continue in the next few days), so the ultimate fanbase will have tremendous YouTube success.

In the video, Beckham also told people the "hilarious" bag to take pictures. In September, the designer created his famous Marc Jacobs campaign in 2008, and made his legs a great deal of white bag. He made a detailed trial with several different interpretations, including the sticking of the umongous bag, meme after creating meme people.

In the last People's Choice Awards, Beckham has focused on her family and fashion master who did not want to join her team members, a trip to the United Kingdom in 2019. However, writing Emma Bunton Mel B, Mel C and Geri Horner, in Instagram: "I will not show my girls on stage but being a part of Spice Girls is the most important part of my life. I like the love and fun. They will be on the next day. They will join and their fans will be incredibly amazing and up to date. "

Fingers team will appear on the band as a whole. In the 90s, fashion masterpieces, anyone?

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